Portrait Professional (PortraitPro)

by Anthropics

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Anthropics

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42399

Portrait Professional (PortraitPro) is a rather cumbersome but easy-to-use utility designed to remove skin defects on the face, superfluous, wrinkles, red-eye effects, unevenly large cheeks, ugly lashes and so on. In general, this product is entirely intended to improve the face in frontal images. Despite the many functions and tools, it is very easy to work with the program.

First, upload a photo using your browser. Then specify the sex and age of the person who is imprinted on it. Next, correct the contours for the eyebrows, nose, ears, eyes and cheeks. That's it, the corrected picture is ready. If you are dissatisfied with the result, you can make your own adjustments using the special panel. It is noteworthy that the program allows you not only to fix appearance defects but also to improve the general range of the image. Wonders, Portrait Professional (PortraitPro) doesn't create miracles, but it can give your face clearer contours and slightly improve the quality of your photos. The program can be recommended to both professionals and amateurs.

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