PredictWind Offshore

by PredictWind Ltd.

An application that provides high resolution weather data

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PredictWind Ltd.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PredictWind offshore for windows is an application that helps to predict the coastal area weather conditions more accurately as possible. This particularly helps for traveling, planning routes, and planning the departure. The PredictWind offshore app is one of the top-rated weather forecasts for marine areas. This PredictWind offshore software provides the most accurate results with high resolution than any other application.

This tool helps better understand of what would happen in a the day while travelling in sea or ocean. This tool is recommended to all who ever likes to travel in water. The tool will alert the user if there is any sudden or abnormal change in weather conditions.

The data is provided with the map, which is very interactive and has very detailed forecast results. This app usually works by interacting with several weather stations around the location and using their observations to conclude more accurate results. Even minute details will be collected and taken for prediction.

This app provides very high-resolution reports for around 1-kilometer surrounding. This app also calculates wind direction, wind effects, and the sea breeze. The user can also view the results in tabulated formats with very user-friendly layouts. All the results predicted through this app will exactly match the location. For an easier understanding of the weather changes, a graphical form of report is also available. Wind maps are very useful, and it shows the wind direction with arrows on the maps. They also produce Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) maps that help to predict the energy available for producing thunderstorms. This is completely free software.

Provides accurate weather forecast for coastal areas.

  • Data is collected from more than thousands of weather stations
  • Alerts the user if there is a change in weather conditions.
  • The weather report is projected more interactively on maps. 
  • Accurate results with very high resolution.
  • Results can be obtained in different formats as per the user requirements.
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PredictWind Offshore is a powerful offshore weather forecasting software package that enables mariners to easily access and analyze weather data. With its built-in GRIB Viewer, users can visualize weather data in a variety of formats, including charts, maps, and graphs. The software also allows users to access detailed wind and wave forecasts and to store and manage multiple routes. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation, PredictWind Offshore is the perfect tool for sailors and fishermen who want to stay ahead of the weather.
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