by Nirsoft

Find the CD Key and Product ID of programs that are installed on your PCs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Nirsoft

Release: ProduKey 1.93

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9700

ProduKey is a useful tool for users who have lost the IDs and CD keys for programs they have installed on their computers. With ProduKey, users can uninstall and reinstall the software they own. The alternative would be to purchase a new license.


  • Users can access their current OS information
  • Users can access details for other OS or computer with command-line options
  • Can be used to determine information for Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007
  • Can be used to determine information for Windows operating systems, including Vista and Windows 7
  • The product can also access product keys for Exchange Server and SQL Server
  • Users are able to access information even when they are unable to start the OS
  • Available in many languages
  • Free to use

ProduKey is a useful tool for recovering Product IDs and CD Keys if the information has been lost. Because users can utilize ProduKey on other computers, such as those plugged into their own or a computer on the same network, they are able to recover information from machines where they cannot start the OS.

Users are able to re-install software even if they've lost the license key

Without a tool like ProduKey, users would have to take on the likely futile task of finding all the product keys for their software after re-installing Windows. This would mean finding the packaging that the CDs came in or finding an email that was sent upon purchasing the software. Then the user would have to repeat that search for each program they needed to reinstall! If the search came up empty, the user might even have to re-purchase expensive software in order to install it. Instead, this little tool, which is free to use, can save users that hassle and expense.

- Works on any version of Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

- Viewing product keys of other OS is only supported on certain versions of Windows.

- Licensed as freeware

ProduKey 1.45 (0.04 MB)
ProduKey 1.46 (0.04 MB)
ProduKey 1.50 (0.04 MB)
ProduKey 1.51 (0.05 MB)
ProduKey 1.52 (0.05 MB)
ProduKey 1.53 (0.05 MB)
ProduKey 1.54 (0.05 MB)
ProduKey 1.56 (0.05 MB)
ProduKey 1.60 (0.05 MB)
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ProduKey 1.66 (0.05 MB)
ProduKey 1.75 (0.06 MB)
ProduKey 1.82 (0.06 MB)
ProduKey 1.85 (0.06 MB)
ProduKey 1.86 (0.06 MB)
Barry Bond (unverified)
The product is ProduKey which tries to recover the licence key of the OS currently installed in a system, without having to take a wild guess. In case of lost keys, this product can help recover and reinstall the software which avoids unnecessary purchase of software.
Archie (unverified)
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