Projectile Motion

by University of Colorado

A highly interactive physics simulation that explains the concepts of projectile motion

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: University of Colorado

Release : Projectile Motion 3

Antivirus check: passed

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How many times have you had head cramming when trying to study complex physics concepts? The good news is that you can now easily absorb complicated things with Projectile Motion Simulation. This software is particularly built to understand the trajectory of flying objects. Whether it’s a missile fired from a tank or a ball launched from a cannon, you can determine its path using the parameters of projectile motion. 


The application helps you to analyze two different views of projectile motion by changing the initial conditions. Suppose you have thrown an object into the air and want to know how and when it will hit the target. The graphical illustration will assist you in determining the x and y motion of the launched object independently. Considering the initial conditions, the experimenter can also estimate where the object will land from its launched position. 

The Projectile Motion application accurately illustrates how a flying object will follow its trajectory with and without air resistance.



  • A Java-based software used for measuring and computing flight trajectories or projectile’s motion. 
  • It has multiple buttons to facilitate the users and observe the simulation with more accuracy and intricate details. 
  • You can determine how different parameters, such as initial height, initial angle, and initial speed, will affect the path of an object. 
  • It also provides an explanation for how the initial conditions will vary and affect the path of the projectile. 
  • The vector representations and set parameters are added for further clarification about the object's motion under fire. 
  • The interface is simple and is made unique using different color schemes and a clear screen display.


The most impeccable feature of this software is you can set parameters such as angle, speed, mass and can also determine how these factors will affect the trajectory of an object. It also shows you the effect of drag force on velocity and acceleration. 


Common vocabulary has been used in this simulation so you can easily understand the concept behind this phenomenon. The best thing is it is simple to use and runs on iPads, Chromebooks, PC, and Macs. You can use the start/stop button or reset to clear everything. The ‘’slow motion’’ button will slow the speed 10 times so you can grab things with more clarity. 

1. Requires a graphical user interface supporting high-quality visualizations.
2. Must have a system supporting variable manipulation.
3. Needs sufficient hard drive space for storing predefined scenarios.

Simplifies understanding of complex projectile motion concepts.
Offers high-quality, interactive simulations for visual learning.
Allows variable manipulation for diverse learning scenarios.

Limited predefined scenarios restrict variability in simulations.
Absence of advanced difficulty levels might limit learning progression.
No mobile version hinders on-the-go usage.
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