by Pushbullet Inc

Software for Android which allows one to send messages via their Windows computer

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pushbullet Inc

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pushbullet is a pretty useful application that you can use to set up a "broadcast" of notifications from a portable device to your computer. The process of configuring the program is quite simple. All you need to do is sign in to your desktop and mobile client using your Google or Facebook account. After that the devices will be paired and you will be able to receive pop-up notifications from your smartphone/tablet to your computer. In addition to notifications, the program also allows you to share files. You can easily transfer images, archives, documents and some common multimedia formats. You can also send a text message to your computer. This is especially useful when it is necessary to "transfer" a link to a PC or copy text.

Pushbullet allows you to connect to several devices at once. When a new device is connected, the program creates a "pair" with already connected ones. By the way, it is possible to "sleep" Android and iOS based devices with each other through the computer. This way you can share files between devices and receive notifications from one to the other. Naturally, both devices should be equipped with official Pushbullet applications. Depending on the platform, you can download them from the AppStore or Google Play.

Responding to SMS and messages in some messengers, the program allows you to respond directly from your computer. Unfortunately, you can't take calls. By the way, Pushbullet is completely free, does not contain any paid features and advertising.

- allows you to "broadcast" notifications from a portable device to a PC and to another portable device;

- can be used to exchange data and text;

- To connect your device, simply sign in with your Google or Facebook account;

- You can reply to SMS messages and mobile messengers directly from your computer;

- the program is completely free.

this is a super useful piece of of tech to help you link your mobile devices and pc/ desktops together so you get all of your notifications in a convenient way as they come in regardless of what you are doing at the time, never miss a step again.
I love using Pushbullet for Windows because it's a program that makes it easy to synch up all of my devices together so I can be sure that I'm not missing any important messages. For example, it keys up my tablet, laptop and phone so that any text I receive on my phone will also appear on each of my other devices.
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