by Mahmoud Samir Fayed

PWCT is an open source visual programming language used for software development

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mahmoud Samir Fayed

Release: PWCT 1.9

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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PWCT is abbreviated as Programming Without Coding Technology.

PWCT is open source projects that support documentation for free when installed in MS Windows.

PWCT software is used to create presentations and education software, and it is widely used for business applications.

It is used for creating a new programming language called super LOVA programming language, and it is also a free open source project provided on Sourceforge.

It supports programming languages like C, Python, C#, Harbour, and super NOVA.

It is compatible with any textual programming languages.

In PWCT, the dragon drop method is not used. Instead of that, a new method of automatic step tree generation provides users with data entries.

It is licensed with GNU General Public Licence v2.0.


  • It has an In-built visual editor and also Syntax directed editor.
  • It supports all types of visual programming.
  • PWCT has a BPL compiler and a free editor. 
  • It supports PYTHON, C#, SuperNOVA, and Harbour.

Many applications are developed using PWCT like AI, Simulation and MATH, Network and Multimedia.

PWCT can be available with Many samples, Tutorials, and movies.