QNAP Qsync

by QNAP Systems, Inc.

Qsync is a file synchronization service that allows users to synchronize files across multiple devices.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: QNAP Systems, Inc.

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QNAP Qsync

QNAP Qsync is an advanced file synchronization solution that helps you keep your data in sync across multiple devices. It is designed to make sharing and transferring files between devices simpler and more secure. Qsync can be used to sync files between your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other devices.

Qsync provides secure and efficient file synchronization, allowing you to access and share files from any device. With Qsync, you can synchronize files between different devices, no matter where you are. It also provides a secure and reliable way to store, share, and access your files from any device.

QNAP Qsync enables users to keep their files synchronized across multiple devices for easy access anytime, anywhere.

1. Cross-platform support: Qsync supports Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, enabling you to sync files between different devices.

2. Cloud storage: Qsync provides a secure cloud storage solution, allowing you to store and access files from any device.

3. File sharing: Qsync allows you to easily share files with others, making collaboration and communication easier.

4. File encryption: Qsync provides strong encryption to protect your data from unauthorized access.

5. Version control: Qsync keeps track of different versions of files, allowing you to easily revert to older versions if needed.

6. Automatic synchronization: Qsync allows you to set up automatic synchronization, so that files are kept up to date across all devices.

7. Backup and restore: Qsync provides an easy way to back up and restore files, ensuring your data is safe and secure.

8. Scheduled synchronization: Qsync allows you to schedule synchronization, so that files are updated at specific times.

9. Multiple folder synchronization: Qsync allows you to sync multiple folders, making it easy to keep your data organized.

10. Flexible sharing: Qsync allows you to share files with others, giving you control over who can view and edit your files.


QNAP Qsync is a powerful file synchronization solution that makes it easy to keep your data in sync across multiple devices. It provides secure cloud storage, file sharing, encryption, version control, automatic synchronization, backup and restore, scheduled synchronization, and more. Qsync is an invaluable tool for keeping your data safe and up to date.
QNAP Qsync is a file synchronization application that synchronizes files across multiple devices. In order to use Qsync, the following technical requirements must be met:

1. Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X 10.9 and above, Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and above, and QTS 4.2 and above.

2. Processor: 1.2GHz Intel/AMD processor or better.

3. Memory: At least 1GB of RAM.

4. Storage: At least 20GB of free disk space.

5. Network: A fast and stable Internet connection (1 Mbps or higher).

6. Miscellaneous: Web browser for accessing the Qsync web portal.
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Michael Pompa

QNAP's Qsync software is a convenient way to keep your files in sync across multiple devices. I have found it to be reliable and straightforward to use. It works seamlessly to keep my work and home computers in sync, and I have been very satisfied with the results. The ability to sync my files across multiple devices has been very helpful, as I can easily access the same files from any of my devices. The Qsync software also allows me to share files with other users, which is very useful. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, so I have no trouble finding my files. It has been a great tool for keeping my files backed up and synchronized.
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James T.

QNAP Qsync is a great software for keeping multiple devices in sync. It is very easy to setup and I have found it to be reliable. It has a great user interface and allows for one-way or two-way synchronization. The application also has a good selection of settings which allow you to customize the sync. I have found it to be an excellent way to keep multiple devices in sync.
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Harris V.

Qsync enables users to sync and back up files across multiple devices.
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Thomas Henderly

QNAP Qsync is a file synchronization software that allows users to synchronize data across multiple devices and platforms. It supports real-time synchronization, selective syncing, and version control. Users can also collaborate with others by sharing files and folders with different permission levels. It also integrates with cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easier file management. Overall, Qsync aims to provide a secure and efficient way to access and share files across multiple devices.
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Ryan A.

The software provides seamless synchronization between devices.
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