Razer Comms

A VOIP service that allowed gamers to play multiplayer games on the computer

Operating system: Windows

Release: Razer Comms 1.84.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.41077

Razer Comms is a VOIP based application which allows you to communicate on multiplayer games online with your friends that you normally wouldn't be able to play otherwise. Most of these games consist of local co-op play or have multiplayer functionality that doesn't work too well with online play without a server. Razer Comms has a crystal clear VOIP for perfect audio quality that you're looking for when you're gaming. It offers utility for inter-game communications with features like enhanced audio transmissions which deliver faster real-time communication. Another good feature is it was completely free to download, and considered to be an all in one communication bundle for gamers. The greatest feature that I like is that you no longer have to alt-tab from window to window, instead you can continue to play and stay in the game while communicating, which is definitely a major plus. You can set up different groups so you can find your friends or fellow gamers easily, as well as use the instant message to communicate easily back and forth. The complex audio algorithms and the ultra-fast server infrastructure let you have the most precise, crisp, and clear communication possible and allows you to have no time outs or lag spikes in your gameplay. Razer Comms was specifically developed with gamers in mind and it definitely shows. The biggest thing they wanted to do to ensure that you get the most out of this software is making sure that it's completely hands-free, so your focus can be purely on your controller without you struggling to communicate.

Razer Comms was published on April 22, 2013. So it's a bit on the older side, but as the leading product going into the VOIP phase and having several well known streamers backing it, was definitely the go to software back in the day. I would definitely recommend this product, it has no downsides for online gaming.

Korinne Gray (unverified)
Razer Comms is an amazing VOIP application for you to communicate with friends and family that you are playing multiplayer games online with. Normally, you wouldn't be able to do this without a server, but now you can! The quality of audio is amazing. You will think you are in the room with the other player(s). The best thing about this product is that you can download it free from their website. Another great feature is that you no longer have to tab window to window to communicate and can now stay in the game while communicating. I don't know about you, but I think that is a major plus. You will love everything about this device including the fact that it is hands free. I recommend you check out the Razer Comms product as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed!
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