Merge data from multiple excel workbooks into one workbook summary

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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An easy and accessible way for users to merge data from multiple excel workbooks into one workbook summary

RBDMerge for Windows allows users to take information from multiple workbooks and combine them into a singular summary workbook for easier access and interpretation. Below are listed some of the features this software has to offer. 


Gives you the capabilities to be more efficient in your excel tasks

  • Merging multiple excel workbooks into a singular summary workbook
  • Adding file names of the new summary workbook to efficiently organize your information 
  • Applying an open password feature for file security of more information sensitive works
  • Setting ranges on data so that all information is properly categorized and organized into the final summary spreadsheet 

In Conclusion, RBDMerge saves time and ultimately money by providing this excel add to businesses and industries throughout the world. Through this add-on, users can now seamlessly merge multiple excel files into one large summary data file for further analysis. RBDMerge is ready to help meet your excel needs. 

Raymond Reddington
RDBMerge is a unique software tool that merges multiple excel workbooks into one workbook. RDBMerge also is password protected to help secure your private work. You will be able to analyze a large amount of work in one simple worksheet. The software is scalable worldwide and will help thousands of business compile their data properly.
Many companies and businesses that use Windows Excel are well aware of the headaches of having multiple spreadsheets and having too many separate ways of organizing information. RBDMerge helps prevent that headache and makes it easy to combine the information into one single spreadsheet that would be easy to use in combination. And since it also is password protected, it provides reassurance that certain confidential information won't be seen when combined with less confidential data.
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Kieran Shaw
RDBMerge, Ron de Bruin Merge, is an Excel Automation for Windows PC. Its creator has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Excel since 2002. The software was first published in 2017. Users can merge multiple files in a single file. It supports many file types including SCV, XLS, and XML. Users can merge data from multiple large workbooks into a single easily accessed Excel file.
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