rekordbox (32-bit)

A music management application for Pioneer DJ products

Operating system: Windows

Release: rekordbox (32-bit) 5.5.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Rekord Box is a Music Management Application specifically for Pioneer DJ Products.

It allows you to manage, mix and transfer songs to the software in which you can create playlists and customize your track list.


It is packed with functions that give you multiple ways to manage and mix your music for your DJ set
  • Streamlined Signal Processing that analyzes melodic patterns of your track and allows you to find the beat of that track.
  • It gives you full plug and play connectivity across all of your players, devices, and media.
  • It meets all industry standards and syncs with all of the top players
  • Export to any USB or SD card as long as you are using Windows

The Rekordbox Music Management application is great for new and experienced DJ's or anyone who is interested in managing their music in a customizable way. It has many features that make the job of a DJ easier such as, creating playlists, transferring music from one player to another, and low latency scratch control which gives your music the old school vinyl sound.

Now a days there are too many apps in market like this though it is a valid one. I used this for creating playlist of my favorite songs. Automatically it have options to manage and mix the music and to create mashups. Recommending to all.
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