by RemoteScan

It enables you to connect document scanners and cameras to remote Windows desktop

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RemoteScan

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Last revision: Last week

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RemoteScan gives users the ability to turn any scanner into a network scanner to share it. Connect your scanner to one computer and use it from any other computer on your network or even anywhere in the world using the Internet.

There are several situations where you need to share a scanner using RemoteScan. For example, if the scanner is connected to a computer that is currently in use and you do not want to distract a working person. Or, for example, when the scanner is connected to a home computer that is in the home wireless network, but someone wants to use the scanner from a laptop at the same time, but without having to connect the wires constantly. There is also a need to use an expensive, high-end scanner that works in a dust-free environment, where the technician places documents in it, and other users get access to the scanner without being near it. In addition, this functionality is needed in Internet cafes and other public places where the scanner is located at a distance from computers. In this scenario, an employee at this location simply puts the right documents into the scanner and allows access to it from a particular computer using RemoteScan.

RemoteScan is a downloadable piece of software which allows the users to make a scanner accessible to other computers on a network where normally access would be denied. A number of scenarios might require this application, particularly where a scanner might be hard wired to a specific computer but others might want access to it and a situation where a high end scanner should be made available to a wider audience.
Do you work in the office? Even a home Office? Is there a Que at times for your scanner? With RemoteScan, you can connect to a scanner of your choice from anywhere you have an internet connection. Using the network to share a certain scanner, and access it from anywhere, especially if you do not want to bother any. co workers, or anyone else for that matter, Try RemoteScan today!
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