Substance Painter

by Allegorithmic

Artistic designs shown in full time for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Allegorithmic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Substance Painter is a professional program for texture of three-dimensional objects, which is used by developers of many large AAA games. It is able to work with textures in ultra-high resolution (up to 8K) and allows you to create truly photorealistic objects in the presence of a finished model with the correct geometry.

It is worth mentioning a huge library of brushes available in the program. Brushes leave behind drawings from individual particles and strokes are recognized as curves by the program. This allows the user to change the shape of the model after applying textures. The finished brushes in the Substance Painter's built-in library are perfect for creating procedural effects such as rust, dirt, cracks, bullet marks and abrasions.

The Substance Painter workspace consists of a three-dimensional model window, a brush selector, a properties menu, a texture control panel and a material type selection window. Layers can be used when working with materials and textures. Since all interface elements are "independent", they can be freely scaled and moved within and outside the workspace. Object rendering uses NVIDIA Iray technology, which helps to improve the model using additional post-effects.

Be sure to pay attention to the rather high system requirements of Substance Painter, as well as to the "biting" price list typical for all professional programs of this kind.

- is intended for texture of models;

- allows you to change the shape of objects after applying textures;

- uses brushes with a pattern of independent particles, which allows you to create realistic procedural effects;

- allows you to import ready-made shaders and templates;

- offers a convenient working area with independent panels;

- is used by many developers of large AAA games.

the substance painter makes the editing an easy task, the launch offer provided by the software company makes it very interesting, it gives the most affordable and easy to use features to work with 3d related editings, in short just go for it if you need the best
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