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What are resource files? Resource files are components of an application that are separated from the code of the program itself and contain the resources necessary for the program. These resources may include images, audio, animation, icons, and other data used by the program.

Restorator is Bome's flagship product for editing resource files. The program is known since 1997 and has gained great popularity. Continuous development, based on user feedback, has made the program a leader among software customization programs. The program allows you to edit the resources of Windows programs and their components located in the files .exe, .dll, .res, .rc and .drc. You can add, delete or modify texts, images, icons, sounds, videos, version numbers, dialogs and menus for most programs. Restorator is widely used for translation and localization of software, for various improvements, design changes, and so on.

This resource editor has an intuitive user interface and comprehensive documentation with many examples. In addition, user support is available through the program forum or via e-mail.

- View and modify the resources of most Windows programs;

- WYSIWYG-editing ("what you see is what you get") of the program dialog boxes;

- Adding different languages to the program; the languages can be switched automatically when the program starts, depending on the language of the Windows system;

- Creation of patches-modifiers using ResPatcher component;

- Search for program resources on the hard disk in PE files;

- Search function in resource files;

- Change the resource files used by the system (the files will be updated at restart);

- Assign any programs to change the content of resources (audio editors, graphic editors, etc.);

- UPX support;

- Support for command line management;

- Extract all resources of a specific selected application.

If you are looking to edit resource files, why not try out Restorator? With this program, you are allowed to edit the resources of windows programs and their components that are located in many files. With that in mind, why not give it a shot? This feature is easy to use and can get a lot of work done quickly. So if you are looking to edit, why not do Restorator?
Restorator is an easy to use program to edit the majority of windows files. When editing the files what you change is what you see. This is great if your files need to be translated to many different languages. The programs can be programmed to open in the language of the computer.
With having little to no knowledge of some of the technical features of the program and Windows as a whole, this program is great for any beginner. Not only can you extract exe files and folders but you can translate existing ones, control the logo and branding of each of them and follow the files over your development process much more easily than many other similar programs.
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