WinISD Pro

by Linearteam

A professional speaker design software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Linearteam

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Last revision: Last week

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Have you ever wanted to design your own speakers, but you didn't want to purchase an expensive or potentially ineffective program? The WinISD Pro application is 100% free speaker design software. This program allows you to create Closed, Vented, Bandpass boxes and passive radiators. You can even calculate different types of filters!
Designed for the Windows 9x/NT environment, this software is ideal for both the avid speaker-designer and the freelancer! 

With WinISD, you can design your own speakers from raw materials. The software is designed to help you plan and design your speaker, no matter the shape, size or capacity.

Although some technical knowledge and raw materials are required to make your speaker a reality, WinISD Pro's ease of use will help you take your projects into the real world! WinISD Pro can help you to create your ideal speaker with great specs and acoustics. Don't spend your money on expensive software. Spend that cash on raw materials instead, and get the free WinISD Pro speaker design software! 


This speaker design software is not only professional, but free!
  • Program will recommend saving before exiting, making it hard to accidently delete files.
  • Voice coil thermal simulation fields
  • Alter your creations using drop-down menus and click and drag functionality!
  • The program will remember you by your profile and acknowledge your preferred settings!
  • Several alignment options for closed and vented box have been added
  • Brand new look!

This program frequently adds new patches and updates to insure that customers always have up-to-date access to the latest speaker building technology. Not only is it free, but so are it's updates. Downloading this program will insure quality for your designs because this program will never become out-dated!

If you or a loved one have any interest in speaker design, consider this free, professional, and effective tool. See your projects come to life with the ease, professionalism and thoroughness of the WinISD Pro software! 


WinISD is a great software product that is for speaker design. With the use of this, you are able to design boxes of either Closed, Vented or Bandpass. It helps you calibrate your loudspeaker as well as calculate different types of the speaker. It is very recommended for people who want to design their own speakers. This product helps you easily not only design but also formulate a custom plan for your speaker design.
This is a free speaker design software that allows the user to generate vented,closed,passive radiators and bandpass boxes.Compatible with windows 10,windows 8,windows 7,windows Vista/xp,WinISD pro is a super software that enables the user to make designs for enclosures and has input functions that which allow the user to access loudspeaker functionalities and/or capabilities.With a file size of 1.84 MB,it has both driver and management functions of the woofers and sub-woofers.
This product is awesome. I'm a newbie in designing features on my computer, and I was worried I would have to buy something expensive in order to create the enclosures I wanted. Enter WinISD Pro for Windows. It's still in beta right now, but the program ran like it was well-established. I had no issues downloading this on my computer and using it to create well-detailed and well-made loudspeakers for my car. I would recommend this to anyone, especially beginners who might be hesitant to give the product a try.
WinISD Pro for Windows is a speaker designing software where you can closed, vented or band boxes with the tools provided with this software.
WinISD Pro is a software that allows users to create audio using it. The software has the capability to close, vent, and bandpass boxes. This software is useful to users who want to change audio using their laptops. WinISD Pro software is available on windows and is currently still being tested. Users interested in downloading it can look at both the newer and older versions of the software and it is free.
WinISD is a free program designed for a Windows environment that allows users to use driver specifications for modeling how that driver can act in a specific alignment. Some people say this software is not good enough but other people claim that software is really good. On average, this is a free software, we can try to experience for designing a closed, vented and bandpass box using this software.
WinISD Pro for Windows is a highly rated software product that allows you to design loudspeaker enclosures. If you have lots of technical experience/a technical background, this application is perfect for you. You can use raw materials to design the speakers and the application is perfect for a fun project or experimenting with new materials. Overall, it is a great application for those who consider themselves to be intermediate.
WinISD Pro is a program that lets you design loudspeaker enclosures out of raw materials. The process is quite simple,
the WINISD pro for windows software reduces the need of technical knowledge to connect loudspeakers or speaker. this is a user friendly software which is very nice while comparing the oldest. it is free to download also.
WinISD Pro is a tool that I use in order to build my own loudspeaker enclosures. No matter what materials I have on hand and no matter how complex or simple those materials are, this tool makes it a cinch to amplify sounds as desired since it facilitates the design and development process for the loudspeaker enclosures, from start to finish.
WinISD Pro is a best application program to create a loudspeaker on audio systems. It helps people who like to create own speakers.
WinISD Pro for Windows is a software program that enables users to make audio. The program is capable of closing, venting, and band passing boxes. Those who want to modify audio on their computers will find this app beneficial. This application is ideal if you have extensive technical skills . The speakers can be made from raw materials, and the application is ideal for a recreational task or trying out new materials. It is also available for free download.
I like playing with sounds. I downloaded WinISD Pro for Windows and my life has been so much more exciting. I can created sounds for closed and vented Windows environments. It's simple to use. This is all free. It has different filters I can choose from. I am happy to design my own loudspeaker speakers.
I love using WinISD Pro for Windows because it's a program that enables me to take raw materials to make my own loudspeaker enclosures. I love that it only requires a few simple steps and that the resulting loudspeaker enclosure is of very high quality. I also appreciate that only a little technical savvy and knowhow are needed to use WinISD Pro.
This software that is used for the creation of the closed, vented, band pass boxes and the passive radiators. They are simple read instructions where this can be handled by even without some of the technical knowledge. This is very free, safe and secure. They are installed in all the operating systems with all the various versions to be created.
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