by Lawrence Abrams

An easy to use tool for Windows that kills known malware processes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lawrence Abrams

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RKill is a utility capable of "killing" malicious processes running in the system. Many viruses, having penetrated your computer, specifically block the user's ability to manage the processes and do not allow to run antiviruses. That's why this program was created, which, after launching, terminates the work of 32- and 64-bit viruses known to it and removes entries in the system registry that do not allow the user to run antivirus and some other applications. Actually, that's all RKill can do - "kill" processes associated with common viruses and clean up registry entries. At the end of the work the list of completed processes is displayed. Once RKill has worked, you can use any antivirus to clean your computer from malware that has settled on it.

- Completion of malicious processes;

- Correction of virus-altered entries in the system registry.

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I believe that RKill for Windows is a very helpful product to help remove viruses off of computers. It works with your antivirus software like Malwarebytes to actually remove viruses such as malware and adware off of your computer. This is a definite help to any person that needs to remove a virus.
Kayden Maleta
RKill is a free security tool designed to terminate and remove malicious processes and programs from an infected computer. It works by stopping malicious processes, removing malicious registry entries, and resetting the Windows Hosts file. RKill is a great tool for those who need to quickly remove malicious software from their computer.
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