by Punk Software

An application launcher for Windows providing a dock similar to the MAC OSX

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Punk Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RocketDock is a perfectly executed utility that creates a panel on your desktop for quick launch of any programs you choose. The utility is very qualitatively made, has fine animation and adjustable transparency. Thanks to its thoroughness, neat graphics and very glamorous appearance, RocketDock is often compared to the interface element of the Mac OS X operating system called Dock. The similarity also adds ease of use - the basic program settings, i.e. the addition of shortcuts, are made with an intuitive drag and drop gesture.

You can place any frequently used shortcuts for programs and documents on the working area of the panel. Each of the shortcuts can be individually configured to give it a proper look. In the latest versions of the utility, the functionality of the taskbar has been added, i.e. it can be used not only to launch applications, but also to minimize and deploy them.

- Roll up the windows into the program panel

- Viewing the contents of minimized windows in real time

- Indicators of running applications

- Simple interface with drag and drop support

- Support for multi-monitor system configurations

- Support for icon transparency channels in PNG and ICO formats

- Smooth animation and enlargement of icons

- Automatically hide the panel and show it when you hover the mouse cursor

- Position settings on the screen

- Setting up all possible program options

- Portable application, does not require installation

- Compatible with MobyDock, ObjectDock, RK Launcher and Y'z Dock themes

- Unicode support

- Supports multiple languages with the ability to create their own translations

- The program is completely free.

I just switched from a Mac to a Windows laptop, and I miss using the Dock feature. RocketDock does the same thing, but for Windows. It's like having a hybrid laptop, the best of both worlds.
Rocketdock for Windows is a very useful program that can be easily used and provides a navigation bar for all the programs on a persons personal computing device. This is a feature that many people will like and can use. As such it should be well received.
I got RocketDock because I've been really missing my MacBook. While my Windows computer works fine, I really just miss the user interface of the Mac and how clean and simple everything was. While RocketDock is certainly not better than Mac, it is miles better than the Windows interface! I feel a lot more productive just looking at my screen and feel myself wanting to do more work because of it. I suggest this if you miss your MacBook or want something similar.
RocketDock is a completely free application launcher from Punk Labs famed for it's extremely stable and smoothly animated interface. The free software is very easy to use with it's drag and drop front-end and supports many features such as multi-monitors, real-time window previews and support for ICO and PNG icons. It is also deeply customisable with many positioning and layering options.
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