Get access to video sites quickly with Rtube browser

Operating system: Windows

Release: Rtube 1.7.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Rtube browser has a search engine by means of which you can be able to view the contents of that you are interested in.

First, you have to select one of the sites that the browser has predefined, like Youtube, for instance.

When you perform a search, it will show you on the left all the videos that it's located found on the website of your choice using thumbnails as a base. When you click on the thumbnail you want, the video will be seen in the browser's main window. Then you'll have the option to watch it in fullscreen. This program also allows you to download in its premium version.

Rtube really comes in handy when you visit youtube because you'll be able to watch the videos more comfortably because that's the style most of us are used to.

Rtube allows you to search whatever video you want from across all media sharing platforms. 

It gives you a seamless transition when searching for videos.

  • Search video sites and scroll through thumbnails, you don't even have to click on next, it's seamless.
  • Watch movies immediately on the full screen. Or you can just select whatever size screen of your choosing.
  • You can download online media site movies! They support sites like Youtube, Liveleak, google videos, and tons more.
  • You can download the videos straight to your hard disk.
  • They also offer portable Rtube to take on the go.

The Rtube is a convenient and effective software solution to help you watch online videos with fantastic speed. You'll fall in love with this program. 

  • Internet Connection.
  • Limitations in the unregistered version:
  • You cannot perform batch downloading for the service.
Nick Ellis
This is a Product that allows the user to search the web is essentially a search engine
Brent Hanko
I really don't see the relevance of the product. The description of the product is also poorly written, thus providing a less-than-optimal conveyance of this software's key competencies. There are many other software products readily available for the purpose of downloading youtube videos as well.
RTube does not seem like valuable product within todays web browser experience. As most sites are dynamic, the softwares main purpose of selecting and enlarge video panels is not unique. Like other pages, softradar's site is not designed well and does not facilitate the likelihood of anybody using or downloading an average software product.
this actually sounds like a good thing. it standardizes the navigation of different sites to a common format resulting in a quicker and more familiar experience. well done team. can this browser be used with any video site or are you limited to only the most popular sites such as youtube used in the presentation example?
I think this website could have potential if it makes some slight changes and goes away for being like every other video search engine. It has the right thing going with simple and to the point focus but should have secondary services to improve the overall feel.
Rtube is a specialized browser that allows users to browse and view online videos on a beautiful display. Being very simple and user-friendly allows this software program to help users quickly find various movies and videos which match their search queries. This is recommended for anyone looking for an all-in-one online video base.
Kyle Pack
This is a universal search engine for videos. it looks a little out dated, but the simplicity gets the job done.
RTube allows you to view all the videos of a specific site and even download them if you want. This gives you the option to view in fullscreen as well. The greatest feature would be how easy it is to download the videos you want on the website you predefine. It sits in your browser so you don't have to open an extra program and you only have to worry about watching the videos.
This software is heaven!! i can't believe how amazing it is ,this software is so much fun to use and i have used it almost everyday. i can really never get bored of it as it has many features, it is my first option to go to when i want to download a video or watch a movie. i also heard they offer a portable rtube! i can't wait to try that out.
I really like Rtube for windows. they just keep getting better and better. Go ahead give them a try. You will see and you will like them too. and perfect strangers like I am doing. Thank you certified as being true by me.
Rtube for Windows is a web-based/application that allows quick access to online videos. It allows the user to search video sites such as Youtube and scroll through thumbnails without a click on next. It allows you to watch movies full screen immediately or select any size you like. It allows you to download online media site movies. This is especially very good when using it with Youtube.
The Rtube browser has a search engine by means of which you can be able to view the contents that you are interested in. First, you have to select one of the sites that the browser has predefined, like Youtube, for instance.
Rtube for Windows is not that great because, despite the ability to view videos in higher quality, there are many features only accessible through purchasing a premium membership or paying an extra fee. This software is made mostly compatible with Windows systems. So at first you only get the trial version and to unlock further features you must pay the extra fee.
Rtube is a fast search for videos that are great for youtube and any other video type media platform. Its more of a better experience and its fit your viewing style. You can download the videos to your computer and useful screen. Also, rtube is portable so you can take it anywhere you go.
Rtube for windows is a software developed for the purpose of searching quickly for videos online. The potential of this is really seen when it searches through Youtube videos and also through other online video platforms. A good alternative if you are not pleased with your standard Google query results.
Hamish A.
Rtube is a free, open-source software package for creating and streaming multimedia content over the web. It provides tools for creating, editing, and streaming audio, video, and other media files. It also includes tools for creating interactive web applications.
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