A transport stream muxer, or multiplexer that allows you to combine media assets into a single output

Operating system: Windows

Release: tsMuxeR 2.6.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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tsMuxeR is an efficient software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux that allows you to combine media assets such as video, audio, and subtitles, into a single file type such as MPG, MOV, AVC, MPEG2, AAC, DTS, and more. 


  • Able to demux, or turn the combined assets into separate, raw assets once again. 
  • Able to adjust fps automatically or manually. 
  • Able to detect any delay in audio for specific file types.
  • Able to shift timing for audio tracks and subtitles. 

tsMuxeR is a software that allows for multiplexing and demultiplexing of different types of media assets such as video, audio, and subtitles. tsMuxeR supports a multitude of file types, which makes it perfect for muxing and demuxing any media assets in an efficient, streamlined manner. 

It supports Blu-ray files in addition to a variety of other media file types

tsMuxeR supports subtitles, audio codecs, video codecs, and incoming formats such as demuxing, Blu-ray, TS, and M2TS. With tsMuxeR, you can shift audio and subtitle tracks, join files together, split output file, and change level when working with H.264 streams. These are only a few of the unique tasks that are possible with this muxing software. tsMuxeR also offers the ability to set muxing frames per second both automatically and manually. Besides, this software makes it possible to convert media file types into other media file types. For example, tsMuxeR allows you to convert SRT subtitles to PGS format. 

tsMuxeR is free to use the software. 

tsMuxeR was last updated in January of 2014. However, it is still a highly efficient and modern way to mux and demux media. There are various guides available on how to use certain features of tsMuxeR, including how to play, store, decrypt, and remux Blu-ray discs. There are also guides available on how to add subtitles, converting HDV to Blu-ray, converting MKV H.264/AVC to VC-1, and converting Blu-ray to DVD. 


Sam D
tsMuxeR is an app for windows and IOS that lets you combine media assets into a single output. So you can combine your video, audio, and subtitles ETC. All on this one app!
This software is a very versatile tool. I've used it to stream with UHD and Blu-Ray products. I've never once had any problems or hiccups with the software. I was very happy it worked with Mac, since a lot of programs that offer similar features are only available on Windows platforms, and I am the only one in my family with a windows computer, which meant I could still recommend this product to my friends.
John Arrington
tsMuxeR for Windows is software that enables you to download and extract information from your DVD or CD drive in many waves and platforms. I do not recommend it if you are not doing much with movies or music, its a codec for the multi-media platforms, do your best and if you do download it be aware that it is not many MGBS, so if you decide to download it and do not use it, it does not take up that much space.
tsMuxeR is a quick program for splitting or joining video files while keeping the original quality. They have a quick function to burn to a disk as well, so it is convenient. This is a good product for those who are looking to quickly edit videos and share them to others. It makes the process a lot faster and it has a quite easy to use interface.
It is used to convert mkv format video into ac3 people who wants to convert video fromat mkv into ac3 using this software is highly recommend it but some feature are required to buy it after 30 day trail but it is good to use
it's a program that makes transcoding really easy and convenient. Not only can you use it for muxing purposes, but you can also use it for remuxing. I appreciate that it supports a wide range of video codecs, as well as audio codecs, for added convenience. You can also use tsMuxeR to join files as needed.
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