by nirsoft

Set Specific Date and Time When Running Program

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: nirsoft

Release: RunAsDate 1.37

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you need to tell a program to run at a specific time or date without changing your system time/date settings, RunAsDate is the freeware utility you're looking for. It's a simple portable utility that can set specific time and date settings into only the programs or applications that you select. Unlike other similar tools, RunAsDate does not affect the system time and date settings, and you can run multiple different programs and apps simultaneously with their own date and time parameters.

RunAsDate functions by intercepting kernel API calls that return date/time status and replacing the data with what you have specified.

The API calls that it intercepts are: GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime, NtQuerySystemTime, GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime.

Does Not Change System Time and Date Settings

RunAsDate is an intuitive program that has a simple user interface. It doesn't require knowledge of programming or code to successfully use. You can execute it from the command line with the following supported parameters:

 {/immediate} {/movetime} [dd\mm\yyyy] {hh:mm:ss} [Program to run] {Program parameters}

Another keen feature of RunAsDate is the ability to create desktop shortcuts for specific configurations, allowing you to launch them again and again.

RunAsDate is a simple tool for debugging, for instance if you are trying to determine if an application is retrieving its time or date settings from a different server (as opposed to the system settings) or if a different time zone, daylight savings issue, or even leap year is causing trouble with certain applications on the network.

RunAsDate is available in English. It is a small (under 40KB) utility that currently works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.  Any other older versions of Windows are not supported, but there is an x64 version available separately for use specifically with x64 applications.

RunAsDate 1.11 (0.02 MB)
RunAsDate 1.16 (0.02 MB)
RunAsDate 1.20 (0.02 MB)
RunAsDate 1.21 (0.02 MB)
RunAsDate 1.30 (0.03 MB)
RunAsDate 1.37 (0.04 MB)
John Angstrom
Love the API interface that nirsoft included with RunAsDate. I have a strong preference for scripting, but I like a graphical calendar. This options lets me combine both options without feeling like I am losing control over my system. The small size should serve as a reminder to graphical apps how less is more
Jude Stein
Overall, RunAsDate has a good response time and a minimal impact on computer performance, using a low amount of CPU and RAM
RunAsDate is a tool that allows the user to run a program within the date and time specified for the selected program. This tool does NOT change the system time and date of your system, it only effects the time and date specified for the application selected by the user. This specific tool works by seizing the API kernel that effects the normal date and time and replaces it with the user selected date and time for the specific program. In order to run this tool, there is specific system requires, as it does not support older windows operating systems. The systems supported include; Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 & 2008 Windows Vista Windows 7 & 8 Windows 10 This product is recommended due to the flexibility of running a specific application at a specific date and time instead of for instance, just at start up. This is very convenient for those who constantly use their operating systems and only have to use certain applications at a given time.
RunAsDate For Windows is a best freeware application software is used to run the software by date and time. It allows you to run the multiple number of files at a times each files date and time get changed but the actual time of your computer will not get change. You can run this software as an external file so that you don't want to install it.
Imagine you got software on a trial basis and the allocated time is running out? What can you do? You can't really change the date and time on your windows. It doesn't work that way. You can't uninstall your windows just for that software? RunAsDate is a software utility that will allow you to inject a piece of code into another program making it think it is still running in the date and time you specify. How cool is that? Imagine the possibilities with this.
It is used for the date and time to be run in the programming where it is user-friendly. It also is used in various systematic languages. It will not change the current date and time on the user's personal computer. It is only used for the programming that is needed to be run in any specific date and time.
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