Run applications that conflict with your system locale parameters

Operating system: Windows

Release: AppLocale

Last revision: Last week

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A program launcher that lets you run applications that have language or region parameters (locale) that conflict with your system locale parameters without having to restart Windows.

Microsoft’s AppLocale can detect the language or region parameters of an application, and if those parameters conflict with the language/region settings of your system, it will run the application in a simulated, temporary “system locale” that is compatible with the application. This allows you to run the application without character-display issues or errors and without having to reset your computers locale settings or restarting Windows.


AppLocale works on many non-Unicode applications and doesn't require system reboot.

  • Makes changing system locale quick and easy
  • Detects locale (language and region) settings of applications
  • Bypasses system locale settings
  • Emulates non-Unicode locale settings for conflicting applications
  • Wizard-like user interface
  • Allows command-line arguments on application launch for added flexibility

A locale identifier consists of a set of identifier parameters that your computer uses to determine how to interpret and display characters on your screen. Your system has a locale, such as a country/region code (like the United States) and a language code (like English). If you tried to run software with a different locale identifier (say, Asia and Japanese), your computer would misinterpret the data and you would most likely see gibberish on menu and dialog text.

One solution to this problem is to change your system locale setting to match that of the software, then restart your computer. Of course, while the alien application would work fine now, all your applications with native locale settings would not.

AppLocale solves this problem by detecting the locale settings of your system and any application, and if there is a conflict, it will emulate the correct locale for the application, allowing you to run the software error free and without changing your system locale settings or restarting your computer.

Most new software uses Unicode encoding of characters, eliminating the need to translate the characters of software from different locales (regions and languages). AppLocale is, however, still a useful legacy utility for older non-Unicode software applications.

Will Leung (unverified)
There is so much I don't know about this software. I guess it can be useful and will automatically determine the local settings for the specific software you are trying to use. This would probably be useful for non-English software. Too bad this automatically help you install language modules.
Sandy Logan (unverified)
AppLocale is a software that allows you to utilize software that reads data in a different region and language that your computer's original settings without having to modify your computer settings. This product would be great for traveling business. This would be most useful for applications run on software that does not have Unicode converting function.
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