Dead Pixel Buddy

by data product services

Quickly helps you determine if your screen has any dead pixels on it

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: data product services

Release: Dead Pixel Buddy 2.30

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9858

Dead Pixel Buddy is a great little program for determining if you have any dead pixels on a plasma or LCD screen. If you think something about your monitor is off and you want to diagnose it yourself saving time and money from bringing your equipment into a shop this is the tool for you!

The program itself is very simple. Just launch it and it will give you a choice of colors to display on the screen. You then chose the color you want and it displays that color full screen. Once the color is displayed you simply look over your monitor and determine if there are any parts of the screen that show a differing color. You then repeat this process with the other colors that Dead Pixel Buddy offers to ensure your diagnosis. Some dead pixels may appear differently. So it's very important to repeat the process with different colors because not every dead pixel will show up with every color.

Diagnosing your monitor with a dead pixel will help you determine what course of action you want to take. You may decide that it's time to get a new monitor, or you may decide that you want to get your monitor fixed. If you have a warranty on your monitor being able to explain what exactly the issue it would be very beneficial to the company. Of course depending on where the dead pixel is and what your needs are you may choose to just leave it as is.

Dead Pixel Buddy is an absolutely free program that can run on any version of Windows after Windows 7. It's a very light program so you can use immediately on any computer. If you have multiple monitors hooked up to one computer you can very easily run it across all of those monitors simultaneously. Or if you have multiple computers you can very easily run it on each of your computers. Either way, this is a great and very useful program.

Dead Pixel Buddy works very quickly and efficiently saving you time in fixing your screens.

Daniela Beltz (unverified)
Dead Pixel Buddy can very quickly locate any dead pixels on a plasma or LED screen. You can choose any color and then test the screen for pixel loss of that color. The software is free and runs on Windows 7 or later. Multiple monitors can be diagnosed simultaneously.
Harris (unverified)
Dead Pixel Buddy allows you to find any dead pixels on your LCD or Plasma screens. This allows you to save money by diagnosing it yourself rather than bringing it to an expensive technology shop. It is easy to use, useful, and helps save me money!
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