Ryzen Controller

by Ryzen Controller Team

Make the most of your AMD Ryzen-powered laptop's performance with the aid of this well-designed, open-source application.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ryzen Controller Team

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With the aid of this open-source and well-designed tool, maximize the performance of your AMD Ryzen-powered laptop. With an almost 50-year history, AMD is one of the most well-known and established microprocessor businesses out there. Despite having a turbulent past, AMD has prevailed in numerous conflicts over the years and is today perhaps in the best position, largely because of the ambitious Zen project and the impossibly amazing Ryzen chipsets. You probably will enjoy Ryzen Controller if you're the proud owner of an AMD Ryzen-powered laptop and you enjoy customizing settings to maximize performance.

The second reason is that Ryzen Controller was created as an open-source tool by a group of enthusiastic people. It's user friendly, has a cutting-edge GUI, and if things don't go according to plan, you can always reset all the settings with a single click. Please be aware that Ryzen Controller is actually a graphical user interface (GUI) for the RyzenADJ adjusting application before continuing. Because this is not an official tool, all modifications are made at your own risk. Another thing to think about is that this tool performs best with Ryzen Series 2xxx and 3xxx processors (4xxx is very experimental).

The performance of the CPU is the focus of the majority of Ryzen Controller's customization options. STAPM (short for Skin Temperature Aware Power Management) settings, as well as other comparable factors, must be modified in order to do this. One of the nicest features of the software is the ability to customize all of your settings. This implies that you can quickly switch between them depending on whether you need more "oomph" or want to keep your computer running as coolly as possible. The five major categories are CPU, GPU, POWER, PRESETS, and SETTINGS. The first three are the most crucial since they let you adjust your CPU's TDP, long boost duration, short boost duration, long boost duration, and long boost TDP.


  • Windows program that allows users to control AMD processor settings
  • To avoid overheating, control the clock rate, and the power, and establish a temperature ceiling.
  • The program is not associated with AMD and is not official.
Ryzen Controller is really effective at improving my Laptop gaming experience, I've added at least 30 fps to most of the games I've tried so far (Fall Guys,Warzone and CSGO), and not noticed any real temperature increase - It was simple to install and setup with a super friendly GUI - it's turned my Ryzen 7 3700U into a gaming beast :) really recommend
Brodie Meshulam
Ryzen Controller is a software utility designed to allow users to easily customize the performance of their AMD Ryzen-based systems. It allows users to adjust the clock speed, memory, and voltage of each individual core, as well as monitor temperatures and adjust fan speeds. The software also includes an automated overclocking feature that can be used to quickly boost performance.
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