by SafeIP, LLC

A privacy utility that hides a device's IP address to give anonymity when browsing the web

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SafeIP, LLC

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SafeIP is a small utility that allows you to hide the real IP-address of a particular computer on the network. Thanks to it you can easily travel on the Internet. In addition to anonymous movement over the global network, it is also possible to access some sites that have a ban on the IP addresses of specific countries.

The program has a unique algorithm that will not allow websites to track your activity. This encrypts your Internet traffic not only when you browse the Internet at home, but also when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. SafeIP is compatible with all popular Windows browsers, including Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Opera. Besides, the program is very easy to use.

- Hiding the real IP from sites, services, games and applications;

- Encryption of Internet traffic with a private proxy server;

- the ability to quickly select a free anonymous IP address;

- the ability to visit certain sites that are not allowed to be accessed by your country's IP address;

- Simple and intuitive user interface with a minimal set of necessary settings.

This is a perfect product for people who wish not to be tracked on the internet. It will mask your IP and prevent anyone from accessing your location or other details about yourself. No-one likes being snooped on - can you afford to be without this?
I've always been a security freak. This program lets me feel safe and private when I'm browsing online.
ip as the name suggests. Aslo known for encryoption which is very important. this softaware can work in and out. This means it is effective an dcan be used whne you are inside your house or sometime when you ar at work. This makes it a good software and a top choice. it also uses private proxy which may concern some but is a good option overall to go with;.
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