Screen Ruler

by Micro Fox Software

A tool for precise on-screen measurements, essential for web design and programming tasks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Micro Fox Software

Release : Screen Ruler 2.5.0

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'Screen Ruler' software is a convenient desktop tool that allows for the precise measurement of any distance on your screen. It is especially useful for web designers, programmers, and multimedia designers. This software boasts a visual and intuitive user interface and allows you to measure everything displayed on your monitor - be it web pages, drawings, images, user interfaces, and so on.

  • Ability to precisely measure any distance on the screen
  • Visual and intuitive user interface
  • Screen magnifier window for accurate measurements
  • Real-time use, facilitating the workflow
  • Suitable for many professionals, particularly those in web design and programming

This outstanding software is easy to use and can be downloaded and installed within minutes. With the screen magnification window, you can achieve precise measurements every single time. Whether you're designing a user interface for a new website or verifying the dimensions of a drawing, Screen Ruler provides you with the tools you need to carry out accurate measurements.

Screen Ruler is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to make precise measurements on their screen. Whether you're a design professional or simply someone who appreciates precision, you'll find this tool extremely helpful. No more guessing dimensions or fumbling with a physical ruler, Screen Ruler makes measurement easy and accurate at the same time.

Screen Ruler ensures accurate, easy, and precise on-screen measurements, streamlining workflows for web and multimedia design professionals.
Supports real-time measurement of screen distances
Employs visual and intuitive interface
Includes screen magnifier for precision
Compatible with various professional design programs

Allows precise measurements of any distance on screen.
Features a visually intuitive user interface.
Offers a screen magnifying option for accuracy.

Might be considered unnecessary for casual computer users.
Doesn't support multi-monitor setups.
No option for measuring angles.
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