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Operating system: Windows


Release: Monosnap 4.0.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Monosnap for Windows gives users the ability to easily and quickly make screenshots. Windows OS computers have screenshot capabilities by default, either via the print screen button or the snipping tool. However, the print screen function does not allow users to edit the screenshot immediately, and the snipping tool can be cumbersome to use, more so if you want to upload the screenshot online.


  • Can work with multiple screens, and has functionality that
  • Blur tool allows users to hide parts of a screenshot with important information.
  • Save screenshots to local folders or upload them to cloud storage.
  • Programmable hotkey functionality, take screenshots uses a specific keyboard key.
  • Pen tool and other tools allow users to mark up and highlight parts of a screenshot.

Monosnap for windows allows users to easily make screenshots, rapidly and edit or save them afterward. Monosnap as a screenshot focused program has much more functionality than default programs installed on Windows devices. The functionalities offered by Monosnap benefits advanced users that have the need to edit screenshots quickly, or blur and add text to it. With the ability to save screenshots locally, or to upload the files to cloud storage, users can easily share screenshots with other users and people. The software also has a copy and paste functionality, allowing users to transfer screenshots to other programs such as Word, PowerPoint, or Photoshop. The software can be installed on various Windows OS computers and does not take up storage space on a computer. The software is very comparable to default screenshot tools on a personal computer and can be easily utilized via a keyboard press or a custom command. As such, various users can easily utilize Monosnap in the same manner as a default screenshot tool, although the program does have many more benefits that make it much more useful to users that take screenshots and have to edit or share them to others in a short amount of time.

Monosnap allows users to blur parts of a screenshot, for privacy purposes.
orlton mcpherson
Allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen The software is easy to use and unobtrusive Has hidden features for even more efficiency Allows you to convert text or color into a floating image window There is also a 32-bit version of the program that users can download for their devices You may control the program directly through the system tray icon or by using keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts can streamline your workflow. The program supports multi-monitor setups and Hid Pi displays also The application has impressive speed Includes intuitive snipping, image pasting, and easy image annotation - as well as customization You can also perform a myriad of basic functions while using Antipasti, like rotation, zoom, translucence, etc It will also grab colors, supports multiple themes, auto detects U elements and has a history playback function
Monosnap for Windows is a software that also works with Mac products because it allows you to take screen shots of your device and then send it to the cloud
Monosnap is a screenshot program that I don't need. I am able to screenshot by pressing two buttons on my computer so for me this is a useless software product. Other people may find it useful but I don't. It does have good ratings and may be good for others who can't take screen shots from their computers or don't know how to do it from their computers.
It is a software product which is very convenient while writing documentaries. There is a unique feature to paste the hotlink directly. There are many features such as drag and drop which have prompt instructions which makes it user-friendly. They also have annotation tools to take a screenshot while recording a video.
There are so many videos and pictures I have taken that are stored on my Windows computer. I need to find a way to store them. Monosnap for Windows allows me to do just that. It is a screenshot application for the Mac and PC. The best thing is it comes with its own cloud storage. All I need to do is take screenshots and videos. Then I need to upload them to the cloud. Just one click and I am done. Easy as that.
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