Serial Cloner

A Molecular Biology tool which acts as a front end to help with DNA Cloning, sequence analysis, and visualization

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Serial Cloner is a Molecular Biology Tool which is a front end to help with DNA Cloning, Sequence Analysis, and Visualization.  It is available free for download and can be used across multiple Operating Systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can read and write files in several formats, making it portable across multiple users who use different Molecular Biology tools. Since version 2.0 of the software, it also handles Annotations and features. They are processed both in sequence and as a graphic map. The software comes with a high-quality graphics display and has a very user-friendly interface to the front end, which makes the interface very intuitive. 


  • All the tools required to analyze the sequence and modify if any changes needed are available in a single window making it very easy to use.
  • The fully graphical map makes it easy to extract and select a fragment or even show single, double, or multiple cutters in a single window. 
  • Features can be manually entered or imported. They can be automatically found by using the scan feature.
  • Sequence features are visible on the sequence map.
  • There is a web browser tool within the software to allow direct import of NCBI and EMBL.
  • We can use either the graphics window or the text-based site usage windows, which makes it very easy to quickly extract a sub-sequence in a selection or in any restriction sites. Also, to create new PCR based fragments or synthetic adaptors.
  • We can also ligate fragments using the ligate button
  • shRNA constructions can be automated
  • Fragments obtained by PCR, shRNA synthesis, can be easily assembled by selecting between the restriction sites.  

In conclusion, Serial Cloner is a very user-friendly and powerful Molecular biology tool. It combines the major DNA Cloning, sequence analysis, and visualization into a single effective tool

It can read and write files in several formats, making it portable across multi-users
Serial cloner is a molecular tool to help with sequence analysis,visualization.It can be used at multiple operating system like windows,mac,linax.Also useful to write an read in several formats across multi users and handled both in graphic map and sequences.It can be modified if to be in a single window.
Muhammad Early
I love when websites include a video. Its easier for vistors to view and shows customers how to use the software.
I downloaded Serial Cloner about 2 months ago on my Mac, and as a biologist it makes my life so much easier to manipulate DNA sequences. The best part about Serial Cloner was that it was totally free to download, and it is a pretty neat tool if you do not really want to spend money on a DNA cloner. 9/10, totally recommend
Serial Cloner is a software application which is useful for biological research mainly. This application helps us to reading and writing files in DNA sequences. In biological experiment, DNA sequences are very important to conformation to the PDRAW32 and FASTA formats. It is so useful to bio technology scientists and students in their experiments. This application helps to scientists for perform clone particular DNA exactly in some experiments. So many tools are available in this program.
It is a very innovative software and could be quite useful. It works with OSX and windows. I would say that it is quite handy and has saved me a lot of time at work. It helps with DNA cloning and I find it quite helpful. I have used it in the past for school and it has helped me in my studies. I would defiantly recommend it to all my colleagues and fellow coworkers.
Do not like this product, there are other means like other websites that are being used to read DNA.
Overlapping primers in PCR have been corrected. This was the major problem in last version. A special button is added to differentiate aligned protein which is very helpful. Rapid switching between a DNA and Protein Align window is added. It is still a freeware which is appreciable. Problems with uncommon RE names are corrected. Several bugs have been fixed. Insertion point positioning during editing was fixed which is now allowing to edit at required place
serial cloner is a novel and useful tool when obtaining molecular biology results, used in the most important laboratories in the world, this program provides data with the lowest error rates, ideal for use with all platforms on the market, being It is very light when installing it, and with excellent benefits when importing and exporting data, in these times of pandemic this system gives us the data of the tests in record time and thus have more speed in the processes
Serial cloner is a fantastic biological software where we can read and write the DNA - strider and can import and export files as easy as possible. Instead of using other software, here we can easily choose the fragments we need to extract.
Serial Cloner can be used and downloaded on both Mac and Windows, as well as Linux. It is a Molecular Biology software that is used to read and write Strider-compatible files, or clone DNA. The tools necessary to manipulate DNA sequences are all easily accessible with this software. This software will allow a user to set up their own cloning software and projects. One can also easily import and export files all within an all-in-one window concept.
Serial Cloner is one of the best pieces of software to use if you need to gain the ability to read and write DNA strider compatible files. It comes full packed with everything you need manipulate and give full analysis your sequences in a very easy to read window that contains all the information you need when looking at your files. Highly recommend you give it a try today!
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