by Demetrios Kyriakis

An interpreted development tool for engineering and scientific applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Demetrios Kyriakis

Release: FreeMat 4.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FreeMat is an interpreted development tool for engineering and scientific applications. It provides parallel programming, plotting, visualization and allows the manipulation of images.

FreeMat provides a tool that allows you to do rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing, but best of all, it is free. So yes, it is very similar to MATLAB in function at no cost to the user. Yet it is a bit different from the above because it is Open Source. It even goes beyond MATLAB because it includes features such as a codeless interface to external C/C++/FORTRAN code, parallel/distributed algorithm development, and advanced volume and 3D visualization capabilities.


This is the best free version of MATLAB available!
  • Available on all three platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux)
  • 64-bit on all platforms
  • FreeMat-to-MEX interface for porting MATLAB MEX files.
  • FREE to Download
  • Supports the majority of the features on MATLAB

FreeMat is perfect for both industry and academic uses in many courses. As stated above, the coding in FreeMat is compatible with MATLAB. Even if there is a useful MATLAB feature that is not included with FreeMat, it can still be added in. FreeMat is also superior because it works on a number of different platforms, including Windows and functions a lot better than Octave on this platform. It is an incredibly useful tool and can absolutely be used in the place of programs like MATLAB.

The current version is released under GPL as opposed to the previous versions, which were MIT licenses.

FreeMat has improved with each subsequently released version, and it is very eager to continue to strive to get better each release. There is a feature available on the Freemat website which allows you to report malfunctions, or you can report a bug report so that the issue can be resolved in the future iterations of this program.


A strive for perfection, and no cost of this program really sets it apart from everything else, and I would definitely use over the costly MATLAB.

Gabbie S.
Freemat is a very useful and cost-effective way for both academia and organizational professionals alike to develop engineering and scientific applications. Jgs constantly developing as a tool itself, so anything it may be missing is something that could be added to the next version of the software. Great application!
Freemat makes statistical analysis possible and brings it in a free and attractive way. The software is incredibly easy to use even with all the complicated information that is displayed and makes it easy for any user to use. Data engineering and analysis works very well with no lag
Leon Keyes
The FreeMat is a free tool on Windows to use for scientific prototyping and data processing. A few features to make the program easier to work with have been upgraded, such as documentation being migrated to doxygen and 64-bit on all platforms. It is similar to MATLAB, but have key specific differences like built in arithmetic for manipulation of all supported data types, native sparse matrix support, and 3D plotting and visualization via OpenGL.
I am in the field of science and have been looking for a way for rapid engineering, scientifi prototyping and data processing. There's so much data all the time and I need to find efficient ways to make sense of it all. I love how this software is open source and I can download it for both my PC at work and my macOSX at home. I think this will work out fine.
Free mat is a free open source software that is capable of doing all the programs that are currently done on a Matlab and GNU Octave. This is a very useful software for people who are not able to accommodate the license cost of Matlab. This software supports the majority of Matlab’s functions. There are no upgrades happen to the software recently. the last version of this software is 4.1.1 which is released on 2nd December 2011.
This app is great for anyone who uses math on a daily. This works well for engineering or rendering of maps or photos. It provides image manipulation, and helps with plotting as well. This is a completely free app that offers quick and easy-to-use features for anyone looking to use prototypes or rendering data for a business or any specific kind of work.
If you are an engineer like me then you will get happy about FreeMat for Windows. It allows for rapid engineering and prototyping in a free software. Yes, all of this ability for free. It is open source software. It is similar to the commercial software Matlab. I can't want to design my prototype in this. Hours of nothing but fun.
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