by I-Doser

A great way to find peace in your mind with the help of music.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: I-Doser

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4399

i-Doser, at first glance, looks like some type of futuristic program that is designed to put you into a trance through the power of music. And you wouldn't be too far off! It's a program that hand selects playlists and sounds for you designed to achieve different results. For example, if you are in a restless state, and just desperately want to catch some sleep, there are several playlists designed to have sounds that trigger the mind to sleep. It's got a lot of science involved in the making of the program, so it's not just like any other playlist on a website you'd find with hours of piano playing that's meant to help you sleep. i-Doser is unique in that way. There are very few programs like it if any at all. i-Doser also offers music that can help you on your journey through meditation, as this can be very hard to achieve for some people who try it. i-Doser puts forth much more thought than just throwing together a few relaxing songs in a playlist and calling it a day. There is true science behind everything available on the app. 


  • Free
  • Works with all Windows
  • An array of different options
  • Available on Mac as well

In conclusion, there are not many programs on the market like this one. And if you do happen to stumble across a program that sells itself as similar to this one, the fact of the matter is that there is a very low chance it has the scientific backing that i-Doser has put forth into their own program. It's an intricate, well thought out program and it shows through the program itself, especially in comparison with other programs of its kind. It's simple to use and efficient, there is not much more you could ask for within a program like this!

Tons of different options

Jane Adams (unverified)
i-Doser is a music app unlike any other, designed to help you find purpose through sound. Science-driven with the intent to help users reach goals through music and playlists, i-Doser is a valuable tool for those who have difficulty sleeping, or who aren't certain where to start when it comes to approaching their playlists from a new, more positive perspective.
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