by abo

SetFSB is an overclocking CPU program.. it is wonderful!

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: abo

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SetFSB is a popular program that allows you to change the SBus frequency. This frequency is set by the motherboard and is called FSB. Since this frequency affects the CPU frequency, you can overclock the CPU by changing it upwards. SetFSB supports most motherboards, which is a big plus. Start the program and if your motherboard is supported, select the FSB frequency and press "Set FSB". Then test the system on this frequency.

SetFSB is a program that essentially allows you to overclock your computer's CPU. For people that online game or do CPU intensive tasks it can sometimes be important to extract additional power from your computer. Being able to do this safely with a program is great as this will limit potential damage to your computer.
Keep in mind, increasing the speed of data between your processor and RAM WILL increase voltage and increased voltage WILL increase heat. Only use this software if you have an idea of what you are doing. Consider the multiplier before you modify the FSB.
Set FSB for Windows was very efficient at improving the space between my processor and RAM memory. It is overall very user friendly and there were no compatibility issues. My performance speed has increased, so overall it did what I needed it to easily.
SetFSB for Windows is a tool that you use to help the wellness of your computer. You will have to know how to work with this software to make it work correctly, if not you will have undesired results. FSB stands for (front side bus), This is the processors and the computers ram speed. This software is to make sure that it helps keep the computer clean from all damage that may have been caused.
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