by Fran├žois Blateyron

This software helps you create and design sundials and astrolabes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fran├žois Blateyron

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Shadows is a very valuable program for amateurs and professionals who are just interested in or seriously engaged in astronomy. This application gives its users the opportunity to use the standard and create their own exclusive sundial and astrolabe, based on any of the many templates present in the catalog of the program.

When designing a sundial, the program allows you to preliminarily make any calculations, including, with respect to different places around the globe, to specify and specify the coordinates and parameters of the time zone for each of the places, etc. You can edit a preset at any time and make the necessary corrections to it. Shadows allows you to create and use several common types of sundial: vertical, horizontal, equatorial, polar. The program also supports the creation of flat, conical, cylindrical and spherical design of measuring instruments of a similar plan.

In addition to the construction of sundial, the application also allows you to create other no less interesting astronomical instruments - astrolabe, with which you can measure latitude and longitude, predict the location of stars and make various triangulation calculations. Shadows supports the ability to build and use all the most famous astrolabes: spherical, universal, marine, Islamic, Rojas astrolabe and others.

Another interesting additional feature of Shadows is that all the objects created in the program can be directly from the application to print or export to different formats: BMP, EMF, JPG and even compatible with AutoCAD format DXF.

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