by SmoothDraw

A digital art program to draw with

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SmoothDraw

Release: SmoothDraw 4.1.4

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4787

SmoothDraw is a downloadable program that comes with a wide variety of tools to draw with. It is more sophisticated than the default Windows Paint and allows for great products.


  • Various pencils, paint brushes, airbrushes, hatch brushes all available for any type of situation.
  • Editing tools as well like cloning, retouching, and layering capabilities for photoshop use.
  • Different retouch tools like burn, dodge, blur, sharpen, and smudge to get the details perfect.
  • Compatible with tablets or PC

It is a natural painting and freehand drawing software that can be utilized by novice or advanced artists to create quality work. It can be used for very precise detailed uses, like sub-pixel level smoothing for an artist that is trying to get the exact details correct. Or can be used by a beginner who only needs paint brushes and pencils. The vast amount of tools allows a photoshop person to use this program as well. It can support all types of file formats like png, jpeg, ssdoc, etc. so that an artist can use any type of resource to work with. The new updates include a clearer HD display and works with DPI display as well to allow the best quality of work to be seen while using the program. Once you install the program, these updates will continue to roll in so that you get your money's worth once you decide to upgrade from a simple default program that comes with Windows pre-installed. It is considered one of the more popular art software and all of the different features as well as tools that are available for a person to use is easy to see why it is used by so many artists. It downloads easily, does not take too much space, and can be uninstalled cleanly as well. 

Accessible for beginners, but intricate for advanced users



Rick Tiesto (unverified)
Great little piece of software for digitally drawing and keeping notes. I work in a sandbox environment and use this tool and it's great for keeping all my notes and stuff in one place. Definitely would recommend to any burgeoning developer or platform engineer.
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