by TopoGrafix

Upload and download routes, waypoints, and tracks between PC and navigation devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TopoGrafix

Release: EasyGPS FREE 5.43

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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EasyGPS software is a free software which helps travelers to download the best maps, routes, and waypoints available on the internet to their Garmin, Magellan, or  Lowrance GPS. Since EasyGPS provides the best information available on the internet the users can rely on their navigation devices when they get lost midst of an adventure trial or trekking. EasyGPS does a compatibility test in order to let the user know whether the application works with the navigation device works or not. EasyGPS is useful for both hikers and people who drive from a place to another. 

According to their official website, EasyGPS was the brainchild of TopoGrafix and georeaching.com. Dan Foster, the author of  EasyGPS and Jeremy Irish, founder of georeaching.com worked together in order to create a file format '.loc'. This file format helped the users to just send their location caches to their navigation devices from their windows PC  instead of typing the location coordinates into their devices. A few months later both of these men gave this format an update by creating GPX, which a popular mapping and GPS format these days.

EasyGPS is a free software which allows its users to add, modify, delete necessary maps, route, waypoints in their computer and Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS.

  • EasyGPS is a free software
  • EasyGPS supports multiple platfoms of naviation devices such as, Brunton, Eagle, Lowrance, Magellan, MLR and Silva GPS.
  • EasyGPS provides the user with bot Ariel photographic view and topographic mapping of waypoints and maps.
  • EasyGPS converts many popular navigation formats found on the internet to and from its GPX format.


 EasyGPS has helped many travellers, adventures seekers, hitch-hikers, and people who drive accross the country to get to their destination for so long. Every free software comes with its flaws, likewise, EasyGPS also has some disadvantages. It is not compatible with all the popular navigation devices in the market. Its also not compatible with some older versions of windows OS. Even though there are some drawbacks there is no such as EasyGPS software which supports multiple brands of navigation devices and catrography for free.

Alicia Sasser
This product could be a lifesaver to some! Travelling across the country is not something I do often, but thanks to EasyGPS Free I can visit my family in the future without worry! I'll be able to get there quickly and navigate the roads safely. Wonderful and easy to use!
Easy GPS free is a navigation application that is used to track the routes, way points between the computer and the navigation device and one can either upload or download the results. It is a kind of GPS tracking system used for Windows Platform.
I did go through the website and found it is useful free tool for everyone. It works across platform like android, Windows and IOS. Its a easy free GPS and it comes handy so that every can use this while travelling.
Sean Sallee
EasyGPS is a good navigator software program for people who own Garmin, Magellan, or Lowrance GPS. It can help you track and locate places in the world easily and for free. Other than that you may have a good time looking at places around you or downloading a software of this caliber to edit and work with it later in various ways.
Wasd in the market for a piece of software to download and save my geocaches for when I am out. EasyGPS does just that. Works well with my Garmin GPS receiver, saving routes to my computer. Have had no issues so far and would recommend it to any fellow geocachers/hikers out there!
i use and recommend this software to everyone that has a portable GPS unit. the company should suggest a voluntary payment of, say, $10 to cover the costs, which i would gladly pay, for it worths. thankyou.
I love using EasyGPS FREE for Windows because this program makes it easy to manage and keep track of various GPS routes, regardless of whether I'm using my PC device or my GPS device. Not only does it give me the option to back up the data that I store on my GPS, but I can also use it to organize my data and find new routes to print out.
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