by Pioneers of the Inevitable

A media player and music library application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pioneers of the Inevitable

Release: Songbird 2.2.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Songbird is a Windows program and application which allows users to enjoy their music to the best ability. Similar to iTunes, it allows users to have their own personalized music library and is a wonderful option for this purpose. It serves as a media player and file storage directory so that users can easily find, access, and play their favorite songs all in one place. It comes with the great ability to customize layout and design, and also works with multiple formats such as MP3, OGG, AAC and others. It also works with encoded files with DRM, such as those for iTunes and Windows Media. It also allows users to subscribe to blogs even if they choose. It has integrated within it, HypeMachine, and other popular engines so that users can quickly and simply identify and find new music that suits their tastes. It offers a simple and user-friendly management interface when it comes to managing your library and also includes a large array of extensions to complement that as well. It allows users to personalize and customize this interface and change the whole way that users are able to access their library. I recommend this program for both beginners and advanced users alike, as it is very elegant and is very suitable for management of your entire music library. With alternatives to this program having gone out of style, this one gives users the ability to have everything in one place with also a multitude of different skins and layouts available. This gives it functionality and allows users to manage configurable data, as well as modify the way that songs are played in terms of settings and displays. I think that all users who enjoy having their own downloaded music files and library should try this out and enjoy it, as it is very easy to use and very elegant in the way that it looks, all while offering all of these features.

Allows users to have all of their music files in a single elegant library, with embedded engines and features

  • Music library with integrated features
  • Customizable playback
  • Compatible with many media formats
  • Embedded blogs and music engines
  • Elegant interface
Songbird 0.2 Beta (9.99 MB)
Songbird 0.2.5 (12.11 MB)
Songbird 0.3 RC2 (13.1 MB)
Songbird 0.3 RC3 (13.1 MB)
Songbird 0.5 Beta (13.46 MB)
Songbird 0.6 Beta (14.25 MB)
Songbird 0.6.1 (14.25 MB)
Songbird 1.10.1 (13.94 MB)
Songbird 2.2.0 (15.05 MB)
Songbird (15.05 MB)
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