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A password manager that can manage passwords for free

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Publisher: SpeedyPassword

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SpeedyPassword allows users to keep all of their passwords safe in a way that is easy to use and free. Fraud and malware are some of the most common things in the consumer IT space, and this tool allows it's users to confidently use all of their passwords under the veil of one. This is extremely safe and is done in an encrypted manner without distraction from complex algorithms or anything like this.

It can be used in enterprise settings or personal for consumers. In the enterprise space, it is extremely valuable and should be done in a broad area as in large corporations, and there is a need for a lot of passwords across many venues. Think about all of the applications, HR tools, and other things that are needed to be accessed by users. This can all be done under one password. 

The tool uses a military-grade hashing with encryption and cryptography for all of the user's password and login data. It's the level that banks use with mainframes where they are able to fully encrypt so that pesky hackers can't get access to the files and that you get the maximum security that you need. SpeedyPassword does all of this but for free and actually can scramble the passwords so that the hacker sees incredibly confusing things, and they aren't able to use it. The vault for this usage is stored on SpeedyPassword servers and is absolutely never located on your personal computers. 

It's also a very useful password generator for those that have issues creating passwords. The recommendation is for people to create unique passwords every month for their bank accounts. The SpeedyPassword application can for free generate high-level entropy passwords that will help you as the user fight against pesky similar that are using their sophisticated tools to get into the passwords whenever they want. 

It works by logging in one time on the user's Internet browser the SpeedyPassword application will automatically log the user into all of the websites such as emails, online banking, online credit card, online tax and/or government accounts and every single social media account. It can be all completed through one user interface. 

Passwords are only as safe as they can stay, and this tool allows you to keep them safe for free

  • Auto-login for a smoother use of passwords.
  • Import browser passwords with ease of use
  • Password encryption to protect you in all environment
  • Password generator that synthesizes use
  • Completely free and easy to use 
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