by Zhorn Software

Represents Note app for windows 8 of that

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Zhorn Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading

Stickies is a very easy to use application that allows you to leave notes and reminders directly on your desktop. Thanks to it, you will never forget important things and will be able to quickly save the necessary information in a clear form. As you know, in the latest versions of Windows, there is a similar standard tool that also serves to create "sticky notes". That's why the following description should be devoted to the analysis of the advantages of the Stickies application over the usual "Notes".

Firstly, the program allows you to change the appearance of stickers. The user is free to change the design and color of the notes, choose a font and attach them to a specific place on the desktop. Second, you can add voice reminders to your text notes in Stickies. They will play if you click on the corresponding icon, which will appear directly on the sticker. All notes created, as well as their location, are saved after rebooting. The program is free and can be installed in a couple of seconds.

- Memos can be attached to a specific place on the desktop;

- the program has a simple text editor that leaves no traces in the system registry;

- You can assign a deletion timer to each note and add an audible alert for each note;

- you only need a couple of seconds to install the application.

This looks good- I REALLY like the idea of a deletion timer. My desktop often gets clogged up with lots of notes I no longer need to keep so knowing that they will one day disappear is good. Voice reminders is not somthing I've seen on similar software so this another thing which makes it stand out.
I use this for my work and its much easier. i can write all my post it notes online and keep the little yellow stickie around my screen whenever I need it. It is so much easier and useful that to use paper. It doesnt get lost. it doensnt stay on your screen, you can move it and put it in the background or keep it at the front. It also saves your notes if you shut down your computer. Really good app.
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