by StreamPi Group

An opensource macro keyboard

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StreamPi Group

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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There are two essential components to StreamPi: the client and the server. Simply download the client and server from their corresponding repositories to get started. Installing the client is possible on either the Client (such as a Raspberry Pi device) or any current PC.

This enables you to send tweets with just one button press. Finally, let's have a look at some of the things that are in the works: computer control, IFTTT support, and integration for basically everything that has an API.

Extract the contents of the archive to a folder in any location of your choosing, then launch the application after downloading it from the repository (and take note of the IP that it provides you with). The only thing left to do is switch the default IP to the one listed on the server app in the Client Settings section. You're done.

So how can you swap out the fairly pricey Steam Deck? So, you have two options: buy a pricey macro keyboard or get a cheap Raspberry Pi and download StreamPi. Although it delivers the full Stream Deck experience, setting it up correctly does take a little time. The positive is that you can save a tonne of money this way. A donation to the cause can also be a possibility as you are saving money.

Because Stream is covered by Microsoft's security policy, users may decide with whom they share the video and arrange films into logical containers.

  • You can easily manage your music and videos without being inside the programme that is playing them.
  • Developers and end users can utilise our robust plug-in system and theme modification system to completely personalise the experience.
  • By integrating with the Twitter API, Stream-Pi enables one-button tweeting! Excellent for quickly creating tweets before streaming.
  • Developers and end users can utilise our robust plug-in system and theme modification system to completely personalise the experience.
  • The next feature that will be added to Stream-Pi is Spotify control, with complete play/pause, volume, skip/rewind, playlist playback, and playlist song addition functionality.
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