Comodo Backup

by Comodo Group

Backup important data from a whole drive, down into separate individual files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Comodo Group

Release: Comodo Backup 4.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Comodo Backup (for Windows) is essentially free backup software that creates individual files from an entire drive. It can be configured automatically and can even isolate browser data and email accounts. Comodo Backup supports differential backup, full backup, synchronized backup, and incremental backup. 

Everything from registry keys, registry values, email and instant messaging accounts, browser information, folders, individual partitions, hard drives themselves, and various other files. Comodo can use normal copy function as well as compression and conversion and backups can be sent to email. They can also be saved to a local drive, an external drive, a DVD or CD, folder, or cloud. These files can be saved in CBU format, ZIP, or ISO format. 


This type of backup also includes encryption and compression support.
  • Can send email to user if backup fails or succeeds
  • Compatible with Rescue Media
  • Right Click folders and files in Windows Explorer through backup settings 
  • Works with Windows 7, 8, and 10, XP, Vista, 
  • Restore data simply through virtual drive
  • Setup Wizard walks user through setup process seamlessly
  • Adjustable network and processor utilization to minimize performance impact
  • Launch any program before or after backup
  • Exclude any unwanted file extensions
  • Select whole folders
  • Users can exclude files they don't want
  • Disable hidden and other files from being backed up
  • Schedule backup runs when you choose: once, daily, weekly, monthly, or at login
  • Choose custom compression level- medium or maximum
  • Protect backups with passwords and encrypted algorithms 
  • Pop-ups notify users of updates (such as lack of disk space)
  • Scan option for malware
  • Easy break down of content into manageable bits 
  • Program can still run while computer is shut down

Comodo Backup (for Windows) is a practical, easy, and free backup program with awesome customization tools. Comodo combines the best of many backup programs into one master program. It has great reviews and is reliable for user's backup needs. Easy set up, password protection and encryption, and backing up any file imaginable is why Comodo Backup (for Windows) is great.

Corey Caggliano
Backing up important files like id's, passwords, and other sensitive information has never been easier now that Comodo Backup is here. You can configure it automatically and you can even use it to isolate your browser info. You can save files anywhere from ZIP, ISO, CBU, you name it. It even works with older versions of Windows OS. Comodo Backup encrypts your sensitive info to keep it away from prying eyes. And, most importantly, it's easy to use.
Comodo Backup is duplicate product included in most new operating systems. There is no need to download software to create back up files from a hard drive or email folder. Mac operating systems have the TimeMachine application by default in addition to optionally using the iCloud to back up files. Windows operating systems I am not familiar with by Google Drive I am sure is a good option.
This provides a useful service which can save time and memory space. Have used similar things in past.
Brodie Hubbard
It allow the user to quickly and easily create the backup copies
Comodo Backup for Windows is a very useful App to backup information. In order to Use Comodo Backup for Windows you need to download the app and open the App, after will be displayed in the main screen of the program the options Home, Backup, Profile, Restore, Manage and Online storage as well as the summary where you will be able to see the details of the date and time of your last backup, Last restore, your account status, Account expiration date as well as if your System have been back up, all these with their specific schedules, with these tools the program makes really easy for the users track and control the Backup and restore of their information in general.
Comodo Backup for Windows, which is very easy to use, is one of the most advantageous methods of backing up and editing files. It also has other features such as encryption and file compression, making the software more attractive. It has the advantage of working on many Windows programs, having different backup methods, and being able to restore data. Although easy to use, the colours used in software can cause eye strain.
Comodo Backup for Windows is a very useful tool that will allow you to create duplicates of all your files so you can have them at hand in case you lose any of them
Do not like this software because now technology has moved on so much faster that I do not see the use but I do see why I was created in the past.
Comodo BackUp scans your PC and discovers the different types of files on there. It is integrated into windows explorer and categorizes the different type of files on your PC. It gives you the ability to create free of charge backups of your data, and includes disk backups, registry backup, mail backup, system state backup, and user settings backup. Comodo BackUp makes backing up files simple with a few easy clicks.
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