by Resplendence Software Projects Sp

Find out which drivers are responsible for your computer crashing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Resplendence Software Projects Sp

Release: WhoCrashed 6.50

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9698

This troubleshooting software examines your recent crash dump files in order to find out the most plausible culprit causing you problems. If your PC is unstable and keeps crashing and you cannot figure out why to give this utility a try. This software application could provide all the clues that you will need to fix your own PC problems.


  • intuitively reports and detects bug checks
  • checks for responsible kernel modules
  • checks for buggy device drivers
  • pinpoints most likely offending drivers
  • generates reports of possible culprits

When you first run Who Crashed, it automatically downloads and installs MS Debugging Tools for Windows. That is a very powerful troubleshooting Windows tools' package. It gathers information in a comprehensible manner. It is a big program (17MB) and could run slowly if you have a slow Internet connection.  However, you only need to go through the set up just once but then you're done. Once you find the files or programs giving you problems, simply uninstall them and when they are gone, so is the problem. Finding crash dump problems is admittedly a difficult business but this tool will give you a chance to find it yourself.

Who Crashed analyzes Blue Screen of Death dumps.

Requires Windows: XP, Vista, 7,8,10.

The software requires installation.

Size about 17MB

Free version

Pro version is $34.95.

WhoCrashed 3.00 (1.37 MB)
WhoCrashed 3.03 (1.73 MB)
WhoCrashed 3.04 (1.76 MB)
WhoCrashed 3.06 (1.76 MB)
WhoCrashed 4.00 (1.94 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.00 (2.53 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.01 (2.54 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.02 (2.58 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.50 (2.15 MB)
WhoCrashed 5.52 (3.59 MB)
Ronald Pruitt (unverified)
WhoCrashed is a revolutionary app in such that it uses your systems crash dump files as a starting point to see what may be causing your computer outages. The app specifically uses the very powerful troubleshooting window's tools package, and also collects data to improve the accuracy of its tests. At the end of the scan the app will present the user with a list of apps and or drivers that could be the main culprit of your computer crashes.
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