T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2012

by Devart

A Visual Studio add-in for editing T4 templates

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Devart

Release: T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2012 2012

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This add-in for visual studio works really well. I use visual studio mostly every day in my line of work, and I am thrilled with this tool. I feel like this was the tool that Visual Studio was needing for a long time. This add-in will not only boost your productivity levels using the Visual Studio software, but it will also save you from some massive headaches and also allow you to reduce the time taken using the Visual Studio program. 

The main use of this add-in is to correct the syntax of your code, allowing you to spot mistakes quickly. This add-in is especially useful for large pieces of code because you can find mistakes fast and with precision. I am an intermediate code writer and computer programmer, so I still make a lot of mistakes while coding. I downloaded this software because I was having trouble with a code. I checked it several times and couldn’t find the error; this was frustrating and gave me a massive headache. I lost about 4 hours of my time trying to look for mistakes, I found several and still, I wasn’t able to successfully perform my code. I looked for solutions online and that when I read in a forum that Devart T4 for Visual Studio was the solution to my problems. I decided to try this add-in, and I was really happy with the outcome of using it. I was able to perform my codding and found the mistake in a matter of minutes, and I just want to kick myself thinking of all the time I wasted before having this add-in. I like the IntelliSense tool over the rest because this tool is one of the main components and allows you to list all available C# classes and members; this can be useful.

The interface of this software is not that easy to use, it is attractive, but you must have some programming knowledge in order to use it effectively. This is a tool that is meant for people with a lot of knowledge in this area. I would give this software a rating of 10/10 because of the usefulness and the time that it has saved me so far. This is a great option for anyone looking to take shortcuts and make the job easier. Download this software you won’t regret doing it, and Visual Studio is a whole different program with this add-in installed.


  • Intelligence
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Go to function for easy search
  • Supports multilevel template
  • Convenient and fast coding folding function
Not something i would recommend for anyone trying to edit T4 templates. The UI is messy at best, and a complete maze of nonsense at its worst. There are several different addons that can complete the same task. they may have some sort of fee attached to them but at the end of the day youll be happy you shelled out the extra cash for a headache free expereince.
Very simple and effective add on for visual studio. I'm able to speed up my coding by allowing it to correct the syntax within the code, basically making it easier to spot any errors. It's definitely a time saver. You do need some coding knowledge to use the add on effectively, but once you figure it out you'll be using T4 editor every time you code. Would totally recommend
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