Code Writer

by Actipro Software

An advanced text and code editor for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Actipro Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Code Writer is an absolutely amazing text and code editor program that will fully integrate with any Windows computer. It can be downloaded from the Windows Store and used as a replacement for the standard Windows Notepad program.

Code Writer has a very bright graphical user interface full of various colors to let you know relevant facts about your coding and different file types that it can view. In fact, Code Viewer can natively support over 20 different file types! It contains active syntax highlighting, which will continuously be updating as you edit your files.

You quickly add documents through clear and simple menus. There is a sidebar that can be enabled or disabled if you would like to focus on your coding. There is also a simple command palette that can be turned on and off at will and gives you instant access to everything this program offers!

It has an editing pop up as well, which is a simpler version of the command palette. The editing pop up gives you instant access to many of the most frequently used functions that the program offers. If you need to access different functionalities, you can always easily switch over to the full command palette.

You can print any files that you've edited. Code Writer lets you select various ways of printing the files so you will be able to see exactly what you've edited in any file. This is an excellent way to look for differences and see what impact certain functions have.

There are lots of different themes available that you can download and install if you don't like the default theme. Finally, Code Writer comes with a great, very extensive help file so you will be able to find additional documentation about anything you can think of.

This amazingly essential program for any coder is free! 

Code Writer works natively with Windows and can easily be used as a replacement for Windows' standard Notepad

The only requirement is that you have Windows 10 or later installed on your computer.

A wonderful product for editing your software. It's great that it is a free app and that it can also edit 20 different types of supported file types. It also updates as you go along. I would recommend this software application.
Code Writer is a fun and easy application to use that allows you to write programs in many different syntax. It has a file system explorer on the side to view the files in the project you're currently working on and color codes your keywords to make it easy to distinguish. It loads up quickly and makes sure you can start coding write away, so it's great to pop up and code.
Code writer is the free text editor app and we can use this software instead of Notepad. It has more than 20 supportive files and it will highlight the comments as per the coding. We can use this app for windows 10 PC. It is a new one and everyone has to try it at least once.
Built for Windows 10, Code Writer is a text and code editor application designed to replace Notepad and similar fast edit applications. It supports more than 20 file types. Code Writer features syntax highlighting, search functionality, editing commands, print and share settings, and help. A user can create new documents or edit existing ones and have several documents open at one time. Documents are easy to import from any source. The editor features an easy-to-use side bar. Code Writer is free.
code writer is a free text and code editor for windows. this contains 20 various formats active syntax highlighting that update to edit document. users can use it as a notepad or other text editing applications. this is built from ground for windows 10. it is a power to edit text with features available in desktop only. this is perfect for any code editing text based file and doing code reviews .overall a best software.
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