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THC-Hydra is a very fast (multi-threaded) network logon cracker which supports many different service

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THC-Hydra & mdash; is one of the fastest and most reliable programs for checking the security and resistance of systems to brute force password recovery. It can also be used to recover forgotten passwords to any resource that uses a login pair and a password to login to the system.

The Hydra supports more than 50 different protocols and call formats as standard. But its main difference from the programs of this class, in addition to high speed and parallel searches in several threads & mdash; it is modularity, you can connect new components that provide support for the latest network devices and protocols. New modules can be found on the official website of the program, with third-party authors or write it yourself.

As a database of logins and passwords, the program uses special dictionaries, to improve the probability of successful selection you can specify masks, length and possible symbols, which they can consist of, in addition, there is a possibility to select software-generated passwords using several algorithms. The program can perform a parallel search on several protocols simultaneously. Average brute force attack speed of 900 passwords per second.

Here is a small list of protocols and devices that THC-Hydra can work with: HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MySQL, NCP, NNTP, SOCKS, SSH, XMPP, Cisco and Mikrotik routers, network cameras, Simatic S7-300 controllers and much more. The user has access to Hydra versions for almost all operating systems, besides it is distributed with open source code, which means that any programmer can see how this or that function is implemented and make sure that there are no malicious inclusions in the code before the pentest.

The THC-Hydra is an excellent tool for researchers and security consultants to show how easy it is to gain unauthorized remote access to the system.

- high speed of operation;

- modularity;

- parallel password recovery on several protocols;

- IPv6 address space support;

- support for very large dictionaries (up to several gigabytes in size);

- Support for over 50 different services and protocols;

- open source code;

- cross-platform.

THC-Hydra seems to be a good software for security companies. however, for personal use or rather if this software got into the wrong hands i can see it causing some major problems for all kinds of people, businesses and relationships.
This program is great for the IT specialist in the company as a means of testing and working with password protection systems. A company's security depends on its ability to resist attacks from maleware and password hacks. THC-Hydra can operate on the most common protocols and has a deep library of commonly-used phrases to test your system. THC-Hydra is open source and supported by a robust community which further reduces its ability to be compromised.
THC-Hydra can operate on the most common protocols and has a deep library of commonly-used phrases to test your system, THC-Hydra is open source and supported by a robust community which further reduces its ability to be compromised.THC-Hydra seems to be a good software for security companies. lastly A company's security depends on its ability to resist attacks from malware and password hacks.
If you need a quick and easy way to make sure that your systems are secure, then you should check out THC-Hydra. This is a super-efficient tool that will crack any password combination so you will be able to use it if you've lost your password as well. THC-Hydra distinguishes itself from competitors by working at very high speeds that can't be beat.
THC Hydra is a brute-force cracking tool with Free and open-source software. It is a very fast multi-threaded network which is pretty much the most up to date and currently developed password brute with numerous Hacking tools features. This tool is a proof of concept code and has the higher possibility to show how easy it will be to gain unauthorized access from remote to a system.
Need a network logon cracker? THC-Hydra for Windows got you covered. It is a command line and GUI to help lower the learning curve for brute force entry. Recommended for anyone new to cyber security or the seasoned expert who is looking for an easy logon cracker.
THC-Hydra is a standardized software that can enhance and aid the security algorithm of any device. This software is a sure bet for security companies and people who have their specialty in I.T. As a matter of efficiency, it would be a cool software for every company whose major service or product relies on the internet as it helps to resist any cyber attack on the company password. It is also a good tool to secure and retrieve your password if installed on your device.
I love using THC-Hydra for Windows because it can crack just about any system if you've somehow forgotten or misplaced your password, but it won't compromise the security of your device otherwise. Even if you need to get into your device remotely, you can count on Hydra to get the job done, as remote authentication is not a problem for this program.
It is used for finding the correct login name or username and their corresponding password, that has been in various operating systems inbuilt. They use the brute force attack which is helpful in finding the login name and password. They support many protocols in the websites like the FTP,SMP,POP3 and IMPS.
For anyone wondering if their network password and safety features are safe enough and would like to put it to the test, this program provides a worthy opponent. This program is the leading and strongest brute force power recovery programs used to test the safety of network. Its strength comes from the 50 protocols its able to work with as well as its speed due to its high speed and parallel search features. A great tool to test your network!
THC-Hydra is used to not only check how resistance a system is to break ins but is can also be used to recover forgotten passwords. This program not only supports over 50 protocols and call formats, but it is also upgradeable. New modules are available on the official website or you can purchase from third-party authors or write them yourself. The program also allows the user to set masks, length and symbols that passwords can consist of, or you can auto-generate passwords using several algorithms. This tool is a must have for researchers and security consultants who want to see how easy it is for others to obtain unauthorized access to their systems.
I love using THC-Hydra for Windows because it helps me log into any UNIX system on the planet even if that system is protected by a password or authentication code that seems tough to break. It works quickly and efficiently and you won't find a faster logon tool out there on the market. Best of all, it's easy for beginners to use as well.
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