The Hat

by Harmony Hollow Software

An application for drawing items randomly from a list

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Harmony Hollow Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Hat - this program will be useful if you have a lot of children in your home. You've probably heard a lot of childish arguments and yelling, "I'm first!", "No, I am!" It's always hard for kids to come to terms with each other because each of them wants to be the first in everything. But now you have a chance to level the playing field for each of them. The Hat will help you with that. All this program does is randomly arrange the list of names entered into it. You can enter this list manually, insert it through the clipboard or import it from text files (the list can be as large as you like). Just click on the big Shuffle button and the list of names entered will appear in random order. The program can also output random name pairs. And with the built-in random selection feature, you can arrange lotteries, drawings and contests with just one name. The Hat-generated lists can be saved, and the process of generating such lists is accompanied by funny animations and sound effects. In addition to parents, The Hat can be useful for educators and schoolteachers.

- The establishment of lists of names on the basis of random selection;

- to select one random name from the list;

- import of text lists;

- funny animation and sound effects.

The Hat is a simple to use platform. You can type in lists of names or import names and it will create random lists that can be used for student projects, raffles or sweepstakes. You can also add special effects (one of its best features) which include sound and animation. It's a great way to do a "hat drawing" to pick individual names one at a time.
The Hat for Windows enables you to virtually put names in a hat and pull them out either one at a time or as many at a time as you please. This can be a very handy tool for a game night.
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