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ThrottleStop is a voltage and frequency management tool for Intel CPUs (Core 2 and Core i CPU). Despite the fact that the program's functionality can be described in one sentence, you can think up quite a lot of assignments for it. The most popular of the possible applications of ThrottleStop - saving laptop power. That is, you can manually reduce the maximum CPU voltage used to "prolong the life" of the laptop. Of course, your portable device will lose a lot of performance, but it will take much longer to perform simple operations. It should be noted that this program is designed for experienced users. A much simpler (but less efficient) solution for beginners is the standard Windows power management mode.

In addition to lowering the voltages on the processor cores, ThrottleStop allows you to increase them on the contrary. This is usually necessary when dissipating the CPU. We strongly recommend that you do not overlock without experience in this area and a reliable CPU cooling system! By the way, another application of the program is the possibility of slowing down the CPU frequencies when it is not sufficiently cooled. Extremely useful feature that will save the processor from overheating and give the opportunity to work with the PC in case of breakage of the cooler or its temporary absence.

ThrottleStop supports the ability to create setting profiles and quickly switch between them. The application also displays quite a lot of information about the processor cores, including the current and maximum temperature from the sensors.

- allows manual control of CPU frequencies and voltages;

- supports the ability to create and quickly switch between setting profiles;

- works with Intel Core 2 and Intel Core i processors;

- displays detailed technical information about the CPU;

- is used to monitor temperatures.

Robert (unverified)
When I read that throttleStop can save your laptop battery, I automatically thought of the computer business and how it could benefit from this! Gamers who do online games would be perfect buyers for this project! It could also be used for anyone needing computers for a long period of time.
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