Toddler Keys

by D. Schaeffer

This will lock everything not needed for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: D. Schaeffer

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you have a small child, then you will benefit from a small program Toddler Keys, which can be downloaded for free.

Toddler Keys can lock the keyboard, mouse, and drives, and starting with Windows XP, it is possible to lock the computer and power buttons.

To start Toddler Keys you just need to double-click on the icon of the program, then you can safely put your child in front of your computer, because even pressing any keys, it will not be able to harm the system, delete any important file. It is possible to upload to the program folder any images and sounds that will be activated by pressing any key. Your child will be interested in looking at the pictures or pictures that appear with their favorite cartoon characters, and the sound signal will play the role of a detector, he will report that the child is busy with the computer, not looking for adventure.

To exit the lock mode, simply enter the password you have set and all the operating functions of the computer will be restored. Toddler Keys will give you the opportunity to do your business, leaving your child at the computer without fear.

its a really good feature for those parents who want to teach their kids how to use computers, it disables a lot of troubling features that can be more troublesome if kids messed around with, so to prevent that this software does a really good job, but the only downside is that some of its features can only be accessed with windows of older versions.
Toddler keys is a free windows software belonging to the category of the software security. This will lock each and everything that is not needed for the windows. It is beneficial if the users has a small child. It is used by parents that allows parents to lock the keyboard of a computer. You can lock your CD drives, keyboard, mouse and power button too. It is too helpful and beneficial too.
Toddler keys for windows is good software, it comes under the category of security software. This tool is used to lock the drives, keyboard and mouse. We can easily customize the toddler key settings in your pc functions. This will protect our pc. keep our pc to protect kids from online.
This software is great for when there is a toddler around their device. The user can lock the device with a special password. The software locks the keyboard, the mouse, and the hard drive so that curious hands do not accidentally change the user's settings or delete the user's data. It is a great safety tool.
Toddler keys for Windows sounds good. Being able to keep track for what your kids watch and use on the internet is important. Making sure they don't use or watch non education websites. Which may influents them to do bad things.m
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