Tongbu Assistant

by Tongbu Assistant

The Best & Simplest iOS/Android Manager app

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tongbu Assistant

Release: Tongbu Assistant

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9914

Tongbu Assistant is a powerful app capable of managing all the content on your mobile device. Android or IOS are compatible with this software. It gives you access to games and apps you cannot download in the play or IOS stores. You can download specific firmware updates or perform software updates within this application. Another great feature is it gives you the ability to instantly transfer files quickly to a portable disc which is very nice if you need to switch phones; you can even transfer or edit your contacts with this tool. It gives you the ability to select which or all parts of the system you want to clean and optimize. You also get access to the unofficial store where you can download free games and apps. 


  • Full access and control over your operating mobile system.
  • Quickly transfer files from or to your mobile device using multiple platforms.
  • Download any specific firmware version or software updates from within the app.
  • Delete any unnecessary files within your operating system.

This app has multiple functions and is a very powerful mobile phone file and system manager. It has powerful tools that can really help you manage all aspects of your mobile phone. 

Very compatible tool capable of multiple functions other apps do not have like deleting scripts and app cache.

edmar de jesus (unverified)
Tracks storage space available on the phone Can restore the phone to operation if the prior software has crashed it. If this occurs, the user is able to access the Smart Assistant on their PC, go to Flash, and restore their particular device Identifies ROM upgrades Tracks battery/charge level of phone Connects via Wi-Fi or a USB cable (from the PC) if that is preferred Automatically update the system software to the most recent configuration. Relieves the stress and hassle of manually updating the firmware Manage photos, SMS, music, contacts, and other files The Lenovo Smart Assistant for PC is free and user friendly. It includes a “tips” section with helpful advice on how to accomplish various tasks If the user is unable to find their desired answer in “tips” they are able to turn to the Lenovo forum to submit questions and search for answers there. Users are also able to connect with Lenovo for any troubleshooting needs on the official Facebook page.
Angus (unverified)
Tongbu Assistant seems like a valuable tool for users of encrypted applications or applications with lower security than App Store or Play requires. If this is a true 3rd party remote desktop for mobile devices, hats off to the creator. The software's UI looks ascetically appealing and modern. Not sure I have anything negative to say.
Leon (unverified)
After reading the description for Tongbu assistant for windows I understand that it is a software to manage your contents of your phone. The confusing part of the description is "access games and apps you cannot download", not sure how this would work on the app. All other features and highlights seem great and could be very useful to help manage phone content or even in transferring it over to have a back up.
Kayden (unverified)
This is a pretty cool software overall. It gives you access to several things you can not download in the play or ios stores. You will even be able to update the app and transfer and edit you contacts using this software.
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