Runs media from devices that has Apple's Airplay on a PC

Operating system: Windows

Release: Shairport4w

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Shairport4w is a free third-party software that makes it easy for consumers to play media on Windows computers from devices that utilize Apple's Airplay feature. The software takes only a fraction of a Megabyte on your storage. Without this software, only devices which are approved by Apple can utilize this feature - wireless streaming.

Shairport4w is said to work on all Windows versions. However, many users experience problems streaming media on Windows 10. There's a lot of interruptions and there haven't been any fixed yet. 


Shairport4w turns a Windows PC to a second speaker seamlessly
  • Shairport4w is Airplay for Windows. It helps to stream media from an iOS device to another PC without the need of transferring any files. It is integrated with Itunes, iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Play anything using iTunes on your Mac or iPhone, and it can be seamlessly synced to your PC, turning it into another speaker.
  • Shairport4w allows streaming media to be saved on disk. This feature means that users can utilize the AirPlay feature of Apple to transfer media files. This is similar to AirDrop, but for media files. Users would require to install a PlugIn, an extension of the app, to utilize this feature. 
  • Shairport4w works as a Bluetooth receiver, but for AirPlay. After installing the software, users can minimize it and let it run in the background. The software does not interfere with any activities on your computer. The only thing it does is allowing media from Apple-approved devices to be streamed on it.

Shairport4w is a light, simple but functional software that allows easy streaming of media from iOS to Windows. This software was released back in 2013 but is still being worked on as an open source project. It works great with Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows. As for Windows 10, many users are experiencing media interruptions now and then. However,  it is still a great tool if you need to stream media once in a while.

I found this software to be extremely useful; I was able to stream music onto my Windows laptop easily using it, which proved to be super important for me when I was having a party. All that you need is an iTunes library, and come on, who doesn't have one of those these days?! A password can be used if you would like an additional step to make sure that everything is private, which I took the liberty of doing. Overall, I highly recommend downloading this software, since it proved to be useful in my life, and I think it could help you with yours too.
Shairport4w for Windows is the answer for people who have music on an outside device like their phone or iPod and are sick of all the wires. This free program lets you stream music wirelessly. All you really need is an iTunes music library. This is a great program because it solves the annoying problems of constantly plugging in wires to access your music.
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This is a very old and outdated software. However its functionality was very useful back in the days as this app could be used to play music anywhere in the house. Have you ever taught of playing music in the bathroom while you take a shower? Back in the days in 2013 when this software was invented, no phones were water proof and hence you could not take a phone to your shower and listen to music. This app made it possible to listen to music in any corner of your house just by installing it on a pc and using an amplifier connected to your speaker.
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