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If you need a powerful and reliable tool to create web pages and entire sites that fully meet all the standards, be sure to pay attention to TopStyle Pro. This is the creation of the same development team that created the famous HTML-editor HomeSite.

In TopStyle Pro, you can edit HTML, XHTML and CSS in one program without the need for third-party tools. There are a lot of unique features and tools to do this, for example, the Style Checker module will check the validity of the styles displayed in different browsers, and the Style Upgrade module will quickly replace all the outdated HTML code in the document.

In TopStyle Pro there is a CSS preview - along with the changes you make, you can view the result they will lead to.

In addition, the program allows you to correctly convert HTML to XHTML and check the syntax of your CSS, and the ability to choose the right colors for your site.

TopStyle Pro also offers complete site management with the built-in File Explorer, clip library and resource manager and integrates perfectly with the tools available on web pages.

- editing of HTML, XHTML and CSS in one program;

- Easy navigation between documents and within one document;

- Validation of elements and attributes: All classes are defined in your block style and external style sheets, so assigning a class to HTML tags is very easy;

- Style Checker: Check the stylesheet in multiple browsers. You can also submit your style sheets directly to the W3C CSS Verification Service to quickly verify compliance with official CSS specifications;

- Style Upgrade: A quick and reliable way to replace all obsolete (or unnecessary) HTML markup;

- HTML Tidy integration: painless transition to XHTML with Tidy's built-in configurator that converts HTML to XHTML in one click!

- Site Reports: Visual display of places on your site where styles are used;

- Full screen preview: Switch the preview between Internet Explorer and Mozilla to immediately detect browser differences. You can even change the !DOCTYPE of each preview panel on the fly to see how different document type declarations affect the layout;

- Integration with W3C HTML Validation: The test results are displayed in TopStyle, with hyperlinks to line numbers that synchronize with the editor.

TopStyle Lite 3.10 (1.76 MB)
TopStyle (5.39 MB)
TopStyle (5.39 MB)
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TopStyle (5.19 MB)
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TopStyle (5.22 MB)
TopStyle (20.46 MB)
TopStyle (20.46 MB)
TopStyle (20.46 MB)
TopStyle (20.54 MB)
Topstyle requires comparatively less space than other apps. The best feature is that, it could auto-detect the encoding when we open an existing document. And when we save our document, it can be automatically uploaded to HTML tool bar.
Top style for windows are easy, free and safe download. It was free style sheet editor and corrector. Topstyle is an HTML and CSS development application.It was very easy to handle.
Kieran Currid
TopStyle is a Windows-based web development and authoring program designed to help web developers and designers create and maintain standards-compliant websites. The program offers a range of features, including HTML and CSS editing, built-in FTP/SFTP support, code validation, integrated web previews, and a range of wizards for quickly creating web pages.
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