by Steve Borho

Applications for the revision of the control system

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TortoiseHg is a graphical shell written specifically to make working with Mercurial easier. The latter, in its turn, is a version control system of the project being developed and allows you to simplify work with large amounts of program code. Its main function, Mercurial, is to control and provide the ability to rollback changes made in the code. The application supports synchronization of changes with other developers and allows you to fully control the work of the team. However, for all its functionality, the application interface is a regular console, which is not so convenient to work with. It is precisely to correct this unfortunate flaw that the TortoiseHg shell was created.

TortoiseHg offers an excellent interface that makes it easy to keep track of all changes in code. It also supports viewing the history of project changes, merging several development lines into one, version backup, repository synchronization, and more. Once installed, the program can be accessed via the context menu.

- a convenient graphic shell for Mercurial;

- automatic integration of the program into the context menu;

- full control over the changes made;

- the ability to view the history of the development stages;

- the data backup function;

- to synchronize multiple repositories;

- the possibility of merging several branches of change into one.

This is a set of graphical applications that have shell extension. This allows users to do more computer work and do things on Linux. It is great for graphic design and stuff and it is also great for doing things on a computer that are a little tougher to do
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