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Prevent identity theft and tracking

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Trackoff Privacy software is designed to protect all aspects of your identity through thorough software and engineering. It mainly protects your identity from online theft and capture. It's designed primarily to focus on you and your habits and then when it finds something that is off-putting it sends you a security code or warning to verify it was you that did it, and if it wasn't it makes a note and triggers a stop on it. It is constantly searching for threats 24/7 and won't stop as long as you have the program installed on your computer or device of choice. It will also show you if someones tracking you and you have the ability to stop it when you want. It's basically a 'ghost' the programs constantly running but you wouldn't know it's running by how it's designed and how it tracks situations. It doesn't impact your performance on the device you're running either. It's perfect for people who don't use their computers for other stuff and good for people who aren't proficient in keeping their data from being stolen, it's designed to protect you and you only, no matter what device you are running it on. You have the option to completely clean your browser history every day, or every time you log off your current browser session so you don't have to worry about anyone finding out what you are searching for.


  • Easy to use
  • Protects browser
  • Constantly searches
  • Detects and removes threats in real time.

The conclusion is that Track off privacy is the best in terms of keeping your loved ones or yourself from identity theft online, it works in real time so you don't have to turn it off and on, it constantly is working to protect you so you can make use of this anytime.

Protects your identity
Mark Piper
TrackOFF Privacy software is a great product which combines protecting you from identity theft and lets you know when someone is tracking you.. What I also like about it is that it's so easy to use and is constantly looking for threats. Not being tech savvy many of these type products seem complicated and not easy to use.This product is a winner!!!
I Think It's a common thing that softwares have protection from viruses. Some may sound bad for a skeptical point of view since most of them usually does not serve what they tell. It might be easy to use but still, people are doubting about it.
Easy to use and hands off. Provides peace of mind when using my computer knowing that the program is looking out for me by protecting me in real time.
This software overwrites any stored information input into websites. Basically, it writes new values for any words or phrases that were originally typed into the fields of a given webpage. I highly recommend this piece of software for all of your computing needs. It is the best add-on for anything associated with or requiring fields to be hidden or overwritten. Then again, it would be nice if there were a more legitimate encryption aspect to it all.
Murray Calabrese
TrackOFF for Windows is a basic application to install on your PC to prevent online tracking. Everyone do not like being followed, or sharing personal information with strangers that may pose a serious threat to their or their families' safety. TrackOFF prevents big companies and corporations from sharing and selling your private information while browsing the internet. Due to COVID-19 causing a dramatic increase with online shopping, it is more easier for private information (bank accounts, personal identification numbers, social security numbers, etc.) to be shared or compromised by ID thieves. TrackOFF create fake information that will make up your digital fingerprint to throw off trackers and third-parties see about you. In addition, TrackOFF erase hard to erase cookies on your browser as well, giving you and your web browser a better peace of mind.
TrackOFF is a software that provides VPN services at a paid rate. It is not free software and requires a subscription. Users can choose monthly/ yearly plans according to the number of devices that they are going to use.
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