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With TSScan, you may scan documents and save them as pictures or PDF files without having to worry about downloading the scanner drivers on your primary computer.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Terminalworks

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With TSScan, you may scan documents and save them as pictures or PDF files without having to worry about downloading the scanner drivers on your primary computer. The Software can essentially function as a virtual scanner for your terminal server. As a result, the tool must first map every locally accessible scanner that is kept in the host's virtual DS. As a result, once the scan is complete, you may quickly transfer the photographs to the required programs by choosing from the options mentioned in the GUI. If security is a concern for you, you'll be relieved to know that TWAIN technology's dynamic redirection handles all local communication.

In addition, you should confirm that the scanners support TWAIN protocol because not all manufacturers adhere to it strictly. Keep in mind that you must activate these settings, and the only way to do so is after installing the server application using an account with Administrator access. You can transfer RAW photos, compress images that are being scanned, and activate support for bundled memory transfer by logging into the program as an administrator. The latter allows each image to be transmitted to the host as a package that includes the entire image transfer rather than as a single item.

Fully TWAIN standard compatible scanner mapping for Citrix, VDI, or remote desktop servers. All of your local imaging devices are listed by TSScan and made available on your remote desktop server. TSScan may be utilized on any type of network thanks to cutting-edge compression techniques and Microsoft Virtual Channel technology. Even for business contexts, our RDP scanning software is a perfect choice because there is no image quality loss. TSScan enables you to use scanners connected to your local workstation in the same way as you would locally on the terminal server. You can scan directly from your scanners, connected to any remote desktop server, and on any network, thanks to the seamless scanner-driver mapping.

The best of all worlds is provided by TSScan's default compression settings. You receive quick picture transfer from a local scanner to your terminal server, as well as excellent image quality. If you want even faster transfers or higher image quality, TSScan's internal settings can be changed.


  • Seamless Remote Desktop Scanning
  • Scan to TIFF, JPEG, and BMP
  • Standalone Scanning Application
  • Fast and Secure
  • High Image Quality
  • Ideal for Healthcare Providers
  • ScanSanp Compatibility
TSScan for windows software has a scanner-driver mapping function. It enables you to scan directly from your scanners and use them locally. Free trial version is available to check for functionality.
Angus Sokira
TSScan is a remote desktop scanning software solution, allowing users to scan documents from any remote desktop or laptop computer. It is easy to use, secure and cost-effective. It can scan documents in various formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG. The software also offers an advanced OCR feature that allows users to search for and find text within a scanned document. TSScan also offers an automated document routing feature, allowing users to route scanned documents to designated destinations.
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